Death is simply a change in energy from one form to another. However, we can carry the burdens of our life into the spirit realm if we do not learn to let them go. Forgiveness can be a wonderful blessing for releasing these burdens. James Van Praagh presents a meditation on forgiveness before connecting live studio audience members with spirit.

James helps Bonnie connect with her father, mother and sister. When her son comes through, he has a message for his sister who is also in the audience. Using a photograph to make a connection, several family members in the audience reunite with long lost relatives on the other side.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
Chakras Video
S1:Ep4 42 mins TV-PG
Manifestation Video
S1:Ep5 39 mins TV-PG
Guides Video
S1:Ep6 44 mins TV-PG