Every day, people talk about miracles but don’t really understand what they are. Some are big, some are small and all of them are a part of our everyday life. James Van Praagh explains, before a live studio audience, how to acknowledge your miracles and how you can reach out with your awareness to recognize when a spirit has come to share your space.

During the readings, James helps a woman to connect with her father and brother in law who reveal that they are often with her mother and sister. Using a photograph, an audience member receives a message from his father that helps to bring forgiveness to their relationship. He also explains a mother’s telepathic connection with her baby in the womb and offers a letter writing exercise.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
Forgiveness Video
S1:Ep3 50 mins TV-PG
Chakras Video
S1:Ep4 42 mins TV-PG
Manifestation Video
S1:Ep5 39 mins TV-PG