Mastering Your Mean Girl With Melissa Ambrosini
FMTV Special Expert Interviews with James Colquhoun

Remember when you used to be that person who didn’t know what they wanted? The one who just moved through the motions, attended parties, hung on to the toxic relationships, went to a mundane job - just for a paycheck, ate anything out of a box and participated in the daily grind. But inside were screaming and reaching out in vain to break free from what had become a vicious cycle?

Break free from this cycle and learn to liberate your life, strip off the fear, wash away the self-doubt and dress yourself in health, wealth and love in this exclusive interview with Melissa Ambrosini.

Host: James Colquhoun
Featuring: Melissa Ambrosini, James Colquhoun
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English