Matcha Smoothie

Forget the crazy pre-workout concoctions loaded with sugar, caffeine, and chemicals. This Matcha Smoothie will give you a natural buzz, getting you ready for that morning workout.

Why It's Good For You:

Many commercial pre-workout drinks and powders are loaded with hidden nasties. These supplements are packed with sugars, caffeine, and chemicals to give you that energy boost before your workout. This pre-workout smoothie will give you a similar effect without dosing yourself with foreign chemicals. The secret ingredient? Is Matcha! Matcha is a type of Japanese green tea powder which contains a small amount of caffeine (35 mg) which, with the help of the amino acids, is slowly released into the body providing a sustained energy for up to 4 hours with no jitters. To complement the Matcha, the smoothie includes a small banana. Bananas are rich in potassium and contain three kinds of sugar: glucose, sucrose, and fructose. Perfect for fast-burning energy to expend during your workout.

We recommend consuming this smoothie 30 minutes to 1 hour before a workout.


(use organic where possible)

  • 1 cup loosely packed baby spinach
  • 1 small frozen banana
  • 2 tsp matcha powder
  • 1/4 lemon
  • 1-2 cups coconut water


  1. Blend all ingredients together and drink immediately.
Featuring: Rachel Morrow
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