Microbiome: Gut Happiness

Healing your digestion begins with supporting the microbiome within your gut. An imbalance in our bacterial gut microbiome can lead to lower energy and digestive issues, including symptoms of SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). Increasing our beneficial bacteria by taking bacteria such as Bifido Maximus, and decreasing sugar intake, will tip the balance toward a microbiome that supports our health will enhance the digestive power of the gut. Grace Liu, PharmD, author of the book "Seven Steps to Heal SIBO", explains how taking steps to enhance the microbiome with probiotic supplementation can balance our digestive microbiome, make a positive change in how we feel, and can extend our lifespans. She shares how even small changes such as drinking warm water, will support beneficial bacteria growth.

Featuring: Grace Liu
Audio Languages: English
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