Mysteries of Giza with Robert Bauval

The ancient architects of the Giza Plateau kept one eye turned toward the heavens as they embedded celestial secrets into every aspect of their constructions. Though these antiquities have been studied for centuries, many of the ancient mysteries remain hidden. Robert Bauval discusses his ongoing work of uncovering the lost secrets of Giza which has culminated in the Orion Correlation theory and the ongoing search for the legendary Hall of Records buried underneath the sphinx.

Robert Bauval’s long fascination with pyramids eventually led him to propose that the layout of the three Giza Pyramids and their relative position to the Nile was intended to mirror the layout of the three stars in Orion's belt and their relative position to the Milky Way. This thesis, now known as the 'Orion Correlation Theory', became the subject of his first book, The Orion Mystery. After publishing several books about Ancient Egypt, Bauval is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on Egyptian mysteries.

Featuring: Robert Bauval
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish