The Next Generation (Gotham Chopra, Noah Levine, & Ocean Robbins)

What does the youth of our spiritual community think about the future and hope? This panel includes Gotham Chopra, son of Deepak and Rita Chopra; Noah Levine, son of authors Stephan and Ondrea Levine and Ocean Robbins founder YES! Youth for Environmental Sanity. The sons explain how their parents approached raising children. Chopra explains what he has learned about violence and the state of the world relating to the state of a single individual. Robbins explains how his parents instilled the lesson of the power of love. Levine explains his story of going from an angry rebellious teen caught up in crime to a happy spiritual leader among his friends and youth in juvenile hall.

Featuring: Gotham Chopra, Noah Levine, Ocean Robbins
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English