Phoenix Whole Life Expo – 1st Hour
Wisdom Workshops with Chantal Westerman

If you're looking for personal growth, natural health, and global change, join Chantal Westerman as she walks the floor of the Whole Life Expo in Phoenix where she will attend workshops and meet with some of the bestselling authors in the field. The Expo features Mystical Arts of Tibet, Aura Video, Marianne Williamson, Phyllis Curott, and Dr. Michael Roizen.

Chantal Westerman gets an aura video of herself to show the electromagnetic field around her body. Marianne Williamson speaks about relationships. Chantal then interviews Phyllis Curott, an author, social and spiritual activist, and Wiccan priestess. Phyllis enlightens us on the history of the Old Religion of the Goddess and the practices of Wiccans. Dr. Roizen discusses with Chantal the issues of aging and the lifestyle choices we can make to live healthier and feel younger.

Host: Chantal Westerman
Featuring: Marianne Williamson, Mary Peterson, Phyllis Curott, Michael Roizen
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English