Orion War: Grey & Zeta Species Split

Are there organic tribes like the Zetas and technological races like the Greys both derived from ET ancestors pre-dating our universe that were responsible for waging an ancient conflict known as the Orion War?

Tim Tactical Advisor shares knowledge of an ET progenitor species called the Iguri from his role in the covert governance in Germany from which a peaceful and scientific observer species called the Ebens descended. He shares specifics from ancient mystery texts kept by the Greys which detail the Iguri civilization, so old it exceeds known time, describing the split between Eben, Zeta-Reticuli, and the Grey genetic lines.

How did this split provoke and fuel the Orion War over millions of years, only recently resolved one decade ago when Level 6 consciousness isolated the Greys from organic life and enslaved themselves to AI?

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish, German