Passage to Real Immunity: Finding Your Path

Health is within us and the truth that has come through the ages reveals itself in many ways. Fear can make us forget what we know but finding our way is simply a matter of searching things out in our mind and heart, making conscious choices, and also accessing the unconditional love that is central to healing.

Allopathic, or conventional medicine, may have its place with emergency intervention, but Chinese medicine and homeopathy are both reliable systems of healing that are shared in this episode. Chinese medicine can open impedances within the body, allowing one to know their place in the larger universe. The law of similars, central to homeopathy, is based on the principle of love, accepting and mirroring qualities to promote healing.

Learn how you can support the natural healing mechanisms of the body and gain freedom by lifting the fear that has become so prevalent. Be introduced to the amazing method of immune education called “homeoprophylaxis” that is safe, effective, and easy to administer.

Featuring: Del Bigtree; Debra Gambrell, Paul Thomas, Alex Yusefovich, Xochitl Cortez Gonzales, Valerie Ohanian, Linda Baker, Harry van der Zee, Alan Phillips, Theresa Lucito, Katarina McCall
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English