Passage to Real Immunity: Simple Truths about Homeoprophylaxis

Few people in the United States are familiar with the natural method of immune education called “homeoprophylaxis.” This episode focuses on families using it, doctors prescribing it, and researchers investigating its effectiveness. If you are seeking a safe alternative to conventional vaccines, this may be another marker to lead you along your journey.

Go on your own journey of investigation by seeing and hearing professionals engaged in the study of this safe alternative. Homeoprophylaxis, also called “HP,” has been in existence for more than two hundred years, is non-toxic, and about ninety percent effective in preventing disease.

Hearing from parents who have done their own research and decided on using HP provides a first-hand glimpse of their thriving children — healthy, alert, and vibrant. As one of the most difficult decisions parents face in raising a family, the choice whether to vaccinate or not poses a challenge with conflicting information coming from every direction.

Featuring: Isaac Golden, Cilla Whatcott, Martin deMunck, Cathy Lemmon, Katarina McCall, Sally Sparby, Xochitl Cortez Gonzales, Valerie Ohanian, Muhammed Rafeeque
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English