Quest for Real Immunity: Our Fear of Germs

While antibiotics were once heralded as a miracle, they have now become a nightmare by encouraging antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Have we actually created a monster? What happens when you annihilate one bacteria? Do others take its place?

Our knowledge of the micro-biome has grown exponentially in the last decade. Some are beginning to realize that we must live in harmony with other lifeforms. The fear of germs is debilitating in more ways than one. Fighting fear is fruitless. What we struggle to avoid is actually drawn to us.

If you have fear of germs, disease, viruses, or bacteria, this episode of Real Immunity is a must see. Calm your nerves with a healthy dose of reality.

Featuring: Debra Gambrell, Andrea Moonen, Cilla Whatcott, Thomas Cowan, Torako Yui, Christine Stueve, Harry van der Zee, Jeanne Ohm, Kendra Becker-Musante
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English