Pilates Bodyring Workout

If you are ready to take your Pilates workout to the next level, then the Pilates bodyring workout is a great way to get started. Joseph Pilates said that physical fitness means having the complete coordination over the body, mind and spirit. He called this process contrology, using the mind to control the body. Using the bodyring helps you have added control, allows you to correct imbalances and encourages you to maintain good posture. In this series of workouts, the bodyring (sometimes called a toning ring) will help you increase your energy without sacrificing control while it also helps you target specific areas of the body for shaping and toning. Join Pilates fitness expert Ana Caban as she leads you through these stimulating routines for greater vitality and health.

Host: Ana Cabán
Featuring: Tara Russell
Audio Languages: English, English
Subtitles: English