Postnatal Pilates: Core Care

This Pilates class with Anita Seiz is the foundation to a strong and sustainable practice. Deep core support will be the focus in this video. It will be optimal for you to carry these core concepts forward into Pilates workouts that focus more on your upper and lower body. Please pause the video, if needed, and work slowly through each exercise so you can develop the inner awareness and sensation of this important support. This class is not just for postnatal students, but is great for anyone looking to strengthen their core.

Contraindications: It is very important to check in with your care provider to be sure its ok to begin a postpartum movement regimen. Particularly important for those of you who had/have a diastasis, episiotomy, incontinence, c-section, or any other delivery and postnatal issues that affect your abdomen and pelvic floor.

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Host: Anita Seiz
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English