Psychic Medium Part 1

How do psychics make connection? When one hears the term Medium, our brains automatically go to Ouija boards, tarot cards and crystal balls. However, there is more to psychics than Hollywood has lead us to believe. Mediums believe that there is no such thing as death, only a transition from the physical being to the spiritual being. Mediums facilitate connections between us and the unseen past, present and future.

We meet Sam, who is connected to the other side. After having what is described as an awakening, Sam continued to suppress her psychic gifts. In 2005, Sam fell extremely ill and after many surgeries and not receiving any healing, she knew that there was more to what was physically wrong with her. Sam needed to embrace all her pain and trauma for her to truly connect to the other side, and she needed to accept who she was to receive the healing she needed. Sam has always known she has been able to connect to the other side from being told stories by her mother about when she was younger and how she would talk to ghosts. Being a psychic medium is the only tool that Sam uses to connect to the other side. Hoping to connect with her father who passed away in 2013, Ingrid, has come to see Sam. Ingrid is a Reiki master herself, helping others who have reached out to her for help, for all sorts of reasons. Ingrid believes that everything in life always connects for the greater good.

She is embarking on a personal journey with Sam, to connect with her inner self, to find the healing and closure that she needs. Sam will work through Ingrid by connecting to Ingrid’s energy and spirit. This will help Sam to see who Ingrid really is and what kind of life she has, past, present and future. But will Ingrid’s father come through as she hopes? Will she find the healing and closure she needs to go forward on her journey? We may ask questions and hold intentions, but what we need to be reminded of is that we are not in control of the information and messages that have chosen to come through for us during these sessions.

Featuring: Sam Sequeira, Ingrid Fish
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, French, German