Qigong Holiday with Francesco Garripoli
On the Road with Lilou with Lilou Mace

At the base of the sacred mountain Makaleha in Kauai, Hawaii, Lilou Mace and Francesco Garripoli find a place to reflect and rejuvenate. Garripoli offers his explanation of what Qigong is and how he sees it reflected in cultures around the world. Qigong can be a holiday that turns down the volume of the world around us. It only takes 10-15 minutes every day to bring us back to the core of the culture that is inside each of us.

In order to do this, he offer tips on how to do little things to set up new patterns to bring health and improvements to your life. These range from conscious breathing to taking a new perspective on the energetics of your being and your body. He offers practical ways to embody spiritual discoveries in order to bring them into the world and live them.

Host: Lilou Mace
Featuring: Francesco Garripoli
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English