The Quest for the Chintamani Stone
Arcanum with Clare and William Henry

By the 20th century, legends of transformation and ascension stretched across the globe. As two major world powers engaged in warfare during the 1930s, they also struggled for spiritual conquest. Ancient Buddhist traditions tell of a chest that fell from the sky which contained a magic stone that had the power to manifest wishes.

This magic stone was depicted in various paintings through the ages, and the legend of its actual existence intrigued countless seekers. Just as intriguing was the fabled land of Shambala, which represents a golden age of peace and wisdom. He who held the stone held the key to Shambala. Thus the race to recover the mythical Chintamani stone and discover the secrets of Shambhala was born.

Clare and William Henry reveal the mysteries of Nicholas and Helena Roerich which inspired FDR to initiate the quest for the Chintamani stone.

Host: Clare and William Henry
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English