Washington and the Third Temple of Solomon
Arcanum with Clare and William Henry

Washington D.C. is considered to be the seat of power for the western world and the U.S. Capitol may hold the greatest secrets of ascension that mankind has ever known. As the dome was placed upon the capitol building, its place in history was sealed as the third Temple of Solomon. Adding to the mystique, Constantino Brumidi was hired to bring his unique sense of arcanum to the interior artwork.

As an artist painting for the Vatican, Brumidi was able to gain a unique perspective of the imagery and symbolism associated with ascension and apotheosis. Symbolically encoded within his works, including the Apotheosis of George Washington, we will find his insights to the wisdom of Thoth and Enoch. Clare and William Henry explore Constantino Brumidi’s artwork within the capitol building, revealing the secrets of Washington’s and Enoch’s ascension.

Host: Clare and William Henry
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
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