Raising Your Vibration: The Basics

How can we use the Akashic Records to help raise our vibration to better health? When Debbie Solaris first unlocked her gift as a galactic historian, her life was transformed. Solaris explains how Akashic readings and Akashic clearing may bring resolution to problems that originate in past lives and other timelines of existence beyond our Earth. Solaris describes how modalities including emotional health, diet and exercise, and meditation practice can help Starseed beings transcend the 3D reality we are in now to 5D ascension.

Debbie Solaris is an ET contactee and galactic historian with an Arcturian star lineage whose reading of the Akashic Records helps her clients transform their lives. Her previous interviews on Beyond Belief are: Ascension, Twin Flames & Soul Contracts; Finding Your Akashic Crystal; Galactic Akashic Historian.

Host: George Noory
Featuring: Debbie Solaris
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English