The Real Story behind The Conjuring with Andrea Perron

Sometimes, destiny can take us in a direction that we could never have expected. Such is the case with the Perron family in 1970 when they felt it was their destiny to buy their dream home - a colonial farm on 200 acres. From the moment they moved in, strange things began to happen. Andrea Perron recounts the frightening real-life events that became the basis of the Hollywood movie, The Conjuring, in this interview with Regina Meredith.

At age twelve, Andrea Perron’s family moved into a house which began an incredible odyssey; a supernatural excursion through dimensions of time and space. She and her family came to understand that there is something beyond mortal existence. In 2007 she began writing the manuscript which has now evolved into the House of Darkness House of Light trilogy. The time has come to disclose these secrets and the world is ready to receive them.

Featuring: Andrea Perron
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English