From Science to God

Peter Russell explores the nature of human consciousness and how spiritual traditions awaken and empower said consciousness.

Since the dawn of science, incredible discoveries have been made that have improved living conditions and saved the lives of millions. Despite these great advancements, science still cannot explain the origin and nature of consciousness. Being conscious and self-aware are amazing qualities of human beings. Even more amazing is the possibility that the capacity for experience and consciousness may not be limited to human beings or animals.

While science has given us a great explanation of the world and how it works, it has not given us a sense of how to use this knowledge. Many of the spiritual traditions of the world have worked for centuries to awaken and empower consciousness. The practices of mindfulness and projecting compassion have had profound effects on individuals and communities. Maybe what we need is an integration of scientific understanding with the wisdom gleaned from the world’s spiritual traditions.

Featuring: Peter Russell
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, German, Spanish, French