Shapeshifting with Star Guides and Kundalini Yoga (John Perkins & Gurmukh Khalsa)
Eye of the Spirit: Soul Stories with Stephan Rechtshaffen Dinabandu

Part 1: Shaman - a man or woman who travels to other worlds and uses the knowledge gained to affect change in this one. Interest in shamanism has exploded in the west, and at the epicenter is John Perkins. Giving up a successful life in the energy industry, he devotes his life to a different kind of energy now: Shamanic Healing. John gathered together shamans from all over the world to usher in a new era, one where ancient wisdom is so needed by our modern times.

Part 2: Gurmukh Khalsa, founder of the kundalini yoga center in Los Angeles, combines breath, posture and awareness of vital force in her practice of kundalini yoga. Working on the radiant body and the light around you, she invites you to experience your own energy in relation to this vast healing repository, this yoga of the mystics. A sikh by choice, she expounds the unified truth in all religions and practices.

Host: Stephan Rechtshaffen, Dinabandu
Featuring: John Perkins, Gurmukh Khalsa
Audio Languages: English