Space Combat Technology

Insider Michael Jaco has come forward to share his recovered memories of his time in a secret space program he describes as the Space Force. The Space Force is composed of many extraterrestrial groups. Jaco shares his experience with the combat technology used, which included pulse energy weapons and looking glass technology to communicate and look forward in time. In his awakened memories of the Time Wars, Jaco acted initially as a soldier, and ultimately became part of a group that worked with 5th - 7th dimensional beings to discover manipulations within the timeline. Jaco also recalls memories of working with Venusians in expanding his awareness. This enabled him to connect with the crystalline structures of extraterrestrial craft and increase his intuition on the battlefield.

Michael Jaco is a retired SEAL Team-6 Chief Petty Officer and he has over 35 years of extensive combat experience including 11 years as a CIA security officer.

Host: Emery Smith
Featuring: Michael Jaco
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, German, Spanish