The Spirit of the Serpent: An Exploration of Earth Energy

Reality TV: Metaphysics and Paranormal
S1:Ep51 hr, 43 mins2008Guest: Rupert Soskin, Hamish Miller, Julie Soskin

A team of specialists and experts have gathered to share their understanding of what earth energy is and how it affects the world. They explain why sacred sites were founded at special places where lines of Earth Energy meet, or cross, as they flow above and below the ground.

They work together to unravel the mysteries of energy, folklore and our connection to Nature herself. Metaphysical concepts, once termed fantasy by the scientific establishment are now proven to be truth. As the team gathers at The Merry Maidens stones in Cornwall England, they demonstrate the mathematical principles found throughout Nature that have a correlation in quantum physics.

Featuring: Rupert Soskin, Hamish Miller, Julie Soskin
Video Language: English