Beyond Belief

What if you could live a life of abundance, happiness, health, wealth, and love? In this episode, you’ll meet an extraordinary person who grew up believing that he will be nothing other than ordinary. You’ll witness how a boy with a “broken brain” overcame his learning difficulties to go on and achieve his life dreams and become a world expert in accelerated learning.

We’ll dive deep into the way our minds are programmed and what forms our beliefs, values, and identity, and how we can reconfigure our brains to alter the limiting beliefs that are holding us back. Not only can recalibrating the individual mind be beneficial for our mental state and accelerate us towards our goals in life, it can also control our biochemistry. Negative and positive emotions can have a significant impact on the expression of disease. Your mind is everything. What you think you become.

Featuring: Jim Kwik, Bruce Lipton, Libby Weaver, Vishen Lakhiani, Marie Forleo, Joe Dispenza, Jon Gabriel, Mark Hyman, Brendon Burchard, Gabrielle Bernstein, Stig Severinsen
Audio Languages: English, German, Spanish, French
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, German