Spiritual Warriors of the Aquarian Age

Sagittarius is typically a sign that seeks the truth in all things from daily life to philosophical ideals. Pluto reveals the foundation of each generation’s philosophy, as per the sign it is in. Thus the power of Pluto in Sagittarius calls this millennial generation, born 1995-2008, to confront the truths hidden within the depths of establishment.

Churches, governments and any other long established institutions are under the ever watchful eye of the millennials. The more this generation learns about the restrictions imposed upon them, the harder they will push back. Thus, a revolution is beginning to take place that will take down the old systems in order to build new regimes. What lies ahead for us all will only be revealed in time.

Robert Phoenix reveals what we can expect from a revolutionary generation that could become spiritual warriors or storm troopers of the Aquarian Age.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English