Sweat Lodge

Explore the sweat lodge tradition as a symbol of rebirth.

The sweat lodge based at Shambala Retreat in Rustenburg (South Africa), is inspired by Native American Indian cultures. Ceri is a Shaman who facilitates many different practices and rituals, takes us through the process of how a sweat session is done at Shambala.

The sweat lodge is designed so that the entrance of the sweat area and fire pit is facing to the east, where the sun rises. The fire pit is prepared 4-5 hours in advance and dolomite rocks are placed in the fire. The fire keeper oversees the fire, making sure the rocks reach the correct temperature. This sweat lodge is shaped like a dome, made from wet wattle wood and willow, which is bent and shaped while wet, and then it is dried in the shape it has been molded into. The dome is covered with blankets and cloth to keep the heat inside and to create a dark environment for the ceremony to take place. The fire keeper will bring the rocks in, in five stages, sprinkling water on top to create steam. Sweating helps to get the blood flowing, can lead participants to deep meditation, healing, and spiritual wellness.

Featuring: Natalie Baxter, Andre Cillie, Mohamed Hanid, Ceri James, Bongolethu Kabingesi
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English