UFOs: The Secret History

UFOs: The Secret History is a feature length POV history of our era’s principal mythology of the Other – extraterrestrial visitation. Full of original insight and told with humour by the filmmaker it’s unlike other UFO documentaries in that it does not attempt to show that UFOs are extra-terrestrial.

Instead, it begins with the premise that it is precisely the absence of definitive proof that has enabled the phenomenon to become a kind of mythic Rorschach inkblot on which we have projected our shifting hopes and fears of the last six decades. As such, the evolving mythology has overlayed whatever underlying phenomenon that might exist and made it difficult, if not impossible, to address the question of its reality. And yet the ways that the mythology itself has developed provide us with a revealing window on our culture through the last sixty years.

Featuring: David Cherniack
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English