The Unfolding
Tantra: The Potency of Consciousness with Paul Muller-Ortega Ph.D.

Awakening is not something we choose, but a natural process that happens inside a person, and one that may come at different stages of life. Paul Muller-Ortega Ph.D. illuminates this process by telling his own story, beginning with a strong connection to images in a book at age nine, and then, while in college, a lecture by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that spoke directly to questions he had within. He began to study and teach meditation and, in time, discovered the 1,000-year-old Kashmiri Shaiva tradition.

In our journey of meditation, how do you delve deep inside yourself? The Kashmiri Shaiva tradition embraces the wisdom of the potency of consciousness – the great, all-pervading consciousness that generates everything. We ask, what is its nature? How can I align myself with it? Our search seeks the heart of the depth of consciousness.

Host: Paul Muller-Ortega Ph.D.
Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English, German, Spanish, French