Yogic Paths

1 Season, 5 Episodes

Filmed across India, this 9-episode series takes you on a journey through mystical Indian landscapes and never before seen ashrams to explore the many branches of yoga.

While the practice of physical postures called asanas is most well-known in the West, understanding the full scope of this rich and varied tradition gives meaning and power to the yoga we know today. An incredibly honest and deep exploration of yoga, Yogic Paths is a docuseries of thoughtful interviews that touch the heart and encourage self-discovery, reminding us how deeply we are all connected.

The episodes are released weekly and cover different aspects of the Yogic Path, in the following order: Exploring the Yogic Path, Hatha & The Evolution of Yoga, The Paths of Devotion: Bhakti, Jnana, and Karma, Tantra: The Householder’s Path, Raja: The Royal Path, Kundalini & Kriya: Energy & Transformation, Nada: The Technology of Sound, The Power of Yogic Mythology, and The Siddhis: Yogic Superpowers.

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