In our modern world full of imposed authority and strict laws, do you really know where it all comes from? Do you know how much of our laws apply to you? Does any of it? Rob in the Pagé Family was a Canadian citizen who decided to revoke all of Canada and the Crown’s right to govern him or his family. Here’s the story of how it all started for Rob and the resistance he received from local defacto authority.

While all of this was weighing on his shoulders he and his family sold their house, he quit his job and bought a property where they all built an earthship together. In their eco-friendly and self-sufficient house, they grew all their own food, harnessed all their energy from solar, filtered their own water and took their lives completely into their own hands. Filmmaker Ben Stewart gives his take on how imposed authority over the people comes primarily from the complacency and compliance of the people themselves.

Featuring: Ben Stewart, Rob in the Pagé Family, Bruce Lipton
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English