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Shake it Up

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Shake it Up

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This class with Marla Waal is great for people who have to sit all day for work or school, or people who don't have time to do a longer practice.


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christineb_2, posted on May 30, 2013

Great video after a long day in front of the computer. Did this one with my mom who is a yoga beginner, and she really enjoyed it!

ornithologypsy, posted on February 5, 2013

What a great pick me up after a day spent at my laptop. Thank you!

LORETXO, posted on May 20, 2012

Thank you for this wonderful class, it is really relaxing!!

energiayoga, posted on February 24, 2012

Very nice. Feels good. Clear teaching voice. Thanks!

RoosRoosRoosje, posted on September 20, 2011

Thank you so much! It was relaxing and oke that it was 10 minutes

cmartinez1584, posted on September 9, 2011

Great flow Marla! Dragged my sister out of bed to do this with me and she loved it. Thanks!

SuLeslieMama, posted on September 5, 2011

Great 10-minute investment!!! Thank you!

mrenkow, posted on July 6, 2011

Good, quick tension release.

luchik77, posted on May 23, 2011

Perfect quick fix for "after-a-day-at- the-office" tension! shakes the stress away and helps to restore internal balance. Thank you so much!

sis56, posted on April 17, 2011

Very enjoyable.

AWady, posted on April 9, 2011

Great morning wake up for me!

wimwamwoom, posted on April 5, 2011

GREAT! Just the perfect pep before a show :-)
Every class by Marla is wonderful.

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