The Full Moon Effect, aka The Lunar Effect


For centuries, the moon has been one of the cosmic bodies said to change the characteristics of a person. Its ability to transform one from within comes from a long line of belief that it has the power to change a person’s inner molecular structure even if just for a moment. Bards sang tales about how people changed in mood, physique, and even in personality whenever the moon was full. The lunar effect even worked it’s way into the English language providing the etymological origin for the word lunacy.

Neurotic behavior was common and there are even many stories that tell of those who change into savage wolves on a full moon’s night. It is said that once the full moon passes the person has minimal or no recollection of any changes. The biggest question is whether there is any correlation with full moons and behavior change or people acting strangely. And for the most part, it seems that answer is yes, but it depends on many things which include the date, time, year, location, zodiac sign, emotional state, and one’s spiritual maturity.

The Effects Of Full Moon on Emotions

In general, the moon is connected to our emotional selves. Many of the full moon effects on human behavior and emotions are hidden deep within our subconscious. So when the moon is full, it emits energy that greatly affects us all personally as well as collectively.

Each week that passes, the moon transits through each zodiac house clearing its path from whatever debris is in its way. The elements it clears and/or reboots are actually energy vessels that are connected to our soul. The full moon ruffles this bridge that connects us within, causing changes.

Some of these adjustments are subtle while others are drastic, and that is why you see many acting out of character. For the most part, though it is not out of character, it is actually their true selves presenting to the world. To themselves or peers this may appear to be out of the norm because the person does not know how to manage this abrupt inner change. And since the jolt of energy is potent many are not spiritually and/or emotionally equipped to handle it.

Connecting With the Full Moon

You can build a relationship with the full moon and keep track of how it affects you personally. Dedicate time for meditation, inner journeys, and connect with your body’s structural components.

For at least three consecutive months see what date the full moon falls on and if possible (but not necessary) what zodiac sign it is in. If you find out what zodiac sign it’s transiting through, then look at some of the characteristics of that sign to help with your notes. Have a journal handy and write down the changes you feel or what others may see in your temperament for the three days prior and the three days after the full moon.

Although the full moon has a date on the calendar, it is said that its energy lingers within the week it is in transit. Connect with this energy for your unique personal experience. Let the full moon set clarity on your path and help you shed any emotional baggage.

This month of July blesses us with not one but two full moons. This rare occasion literally only happens once every two or three years, and it’s always packed with potent vibrations for all.


“When two full moons occur in a calendar month it is often referred to as a blue moon and many use the phrase, ‘once in a blue moon’ because it’s associated with something that is rare.”


But the blue moon is a term that is fairly new; an older explanation is that it is either a third or fourth full moon that happens in a season. Since we are still in the summer season it would be our third full moon thus far.

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Common Traits for Full Moons for Each Zodiac Sign


For Aries, it would be all about mastering time. You love to have things in order so when there is a full moon this can be a very productive time. Looking your best and showing others you are capable of being a responsible asset to society is essential. During this time you can also experience many enlightened conversations. It would also be wise to watch income until after the full moon.


Full moons bring beauty for Taurus. You beautify your home as well as make changes in image. Creativity is heightened especially in the kitchen. Cooking, baking, and creating, in general, are important during this time. This is also a great time for budgeting and seeing how much you can save for the upcoming months. Communication can be troublesome but with your positive spirits, you will overcome.


The energy in full moons brings the talkative character out of Gemini. Chatting via email or phone calls from those you know from all over makes this air sign quite happy. Finances can be stale, but this quickly turns around once the full moon is over. During this time revelations are also possible. It is beneficial for Geminis to write down ideas and talk about them with investors.


For Cancers, full moons can be extreme in the sense that you never know what you will get out of them. It is nostalgia and hopes mixed all into one. Laugh and cry about the past, but don’t let it consume you. Communicate with your partner(s) and family about your needs. Full moons also bring rejuvenation, so make sure to tend to your spiritual side. Be spontaneous with others.


The energy of full moons brings detail for Leos. It is important to pay attention to your thoughts, actions, paperwork, and anything having to do with long-term commitments. Projects can pick up, and using your networking skills will show to bring abundance. Full moons also stimulate the need for hydration. Health comes to center stage so that you can tend to anything and everything.


The full moon brings travel for Virgo. This can be either physical or spiritual. Personal journeys are important for this Earth sign because it helps you with grounding. This phase also ignites expression. Singing, writing, and dancing soothe the soul and also attracts more people to your social circle. Family is also important around this time, and it would benefit to show them you love them.


For Libras, full moons emphasize the need for love. Your affectionate side shows and many are fortunate to experience this side of you. Full moons also bring liberation, but only if you are a positive Libra. It would be beneficial to keep a list of the pros and cons of different things in your life. Once the full moon is over you will have the clarity you need to answer many of your own questions.


The energy of full moons creates laughter for Scorpios. At first, they can take things personally but then realize that life is too short to waste it on drama. Speak your mind, but don’t let others attack your tender heart. This time also brings flames of passion. Bring those you love close to you, share moments of bliss, and create long-lasting memories. In finances double-check invoices.


Full moons bring stimulation to your intellectual side, Sagittarius. Your mind craves conversations and knowledge about everything. Connect with those who are outside of your normal social circle to reap the most benefits of this energy. The full moon also brings togetherness. Move all relationships in the right direction with your compassionate heart.


For Capricorn’s full moon, energy can bring some aggravation but only because you will have less tolerance for mistakes. This madness quickly turns around, though, when you realize that you are handling others without a care. Your natural side takes over and turns your perspective into kindheartedness. Many reach out to seek your companionship. You are loved by many and they show it.


The energy of full moons stimulates your need for balance. Your senses will tell you exactly what it is you need to set things right on your path; it’s just a matter of listening to yourself, Aquarius. This energy also brings expansion. Your mind activates so that you can receive and/or bury futuristic ideas. Review your life with a compassionate eye and make changes where necessary.


Full moons bring options for Pisces. The phrase “when one door closes the other opens” deems true, and this energy blasts opportunity for change. Some will reap its rewards while others will float in a bubble-like dream of emotions. This dream-like state can bring revelation. It is important to clearly communicate your needs to others. If others don’t listen verbally, then look for alternative ways to say what you need to say.

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Study Finds People's Mental Image of God Looks A Lot Like They Do

The stereotypical, westernized image of God is usually something like a cross between Zeus and Socrates; elderly, sagacious, white-bearded, and male. But according to a recent study, which compiled images of God’s appearance in the minds of hundreds of American Christians, God looks nothing like the antiquated archetype we’re all familiar with.

The study, led by researchers at UNC Chapel Hill, asked 511 American Christian participants to describe what God looks like in their mind’s eye. The team then created an amalgam of all the descriptions to create a general visage of the sample group’s perception of the divine.

The point of the team’s research was to study cognitive bias and motivation when it comes to people’s conceptualization of God. They point out that many religious scholars argue that “images of God are best seen as idiosyncratic across individuals rather than monolithic within religion or culture.”

And as it turns out, those idiosyncrasies couldn’t be more influential in their subjects’ minds, as their depictions of God often looked a lot like themselves. But does this come as any surprise?

Researchers used a method called “reverse correlation” to create the image of God, by using a combination of 50 images of the average American varying in age, gender, and race. They then overlaid “visual noise” on the image – the result of participants choosing between 300 face pairs, deciding which one they think looks closer to God.

The study found that egocentrism played a significant role in the subjects’ image, except that both genders primarily viewed God as male, with a few exceptions. Otherwise, the features of God’s face turned out to be much like their own, and shared the same general outlook on life, including political and social ideals.

One could argue that it makes sense we imagine God in our own image. Christians are taught that God made man in his own image, while eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism often teach that we are one in the same with God or that we should strive to become one with God. So why wouldn’t we see ourselves as bearing some resemblance to a perceived creator.

But the most striking result of the study was that the appearance generated by compiling all of the descriptions showed a smiling, youthful, effeminate, male. While the gender and race may not be too surprising, the age and softer features varied significantly from the clichéd image depicted in the past. The image also varies significantly from the common long-haired, caucasian depictions of Jesus.

Another surprise, according to some, is that the aggregated image seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to Elon Musk, though that may be a totally subjective observation…


Here’s Alan Watts speaking about the difference between our perceptions of God based on holy scriptures and the style of the universe: 

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