How to Work with Crystals

How to Work with Crystals

I am a Master of Crystology. While the title may sound a bit over the top, I will never forget the way we were introduced to crystals in that workshop. They are simply the love of the Earth, forged over aeons and in ridiculous love for us, they fight to the surface of the earth to ensure we are able to physically connect with her bounty. Forever changed was my view as I have learned to honor and work with these gifts of the Earth.

Crystals are uniquely different in size, texture, color, and vibration. While quartz may be the perfect ally for some tasks, other crystals are uniquely suited for specific purposes for each offers their own places of mastery and wisdom. Follow your intuition on what crystals are offering what benefits, you may find smoky quartz to be just the boon for soothing your upset stomach while lepidolite is known to be a soother of stress. Many books are available which will guide your research, but remember babe, someone else intuited that information before you.

Don’t dismiss your own inner guidance in deference to a book or website. You will surprise yourself and flex your faith when you follow the urgings of the crystals directly.

To simply pick up a crystal is a gift for immediately its resonance will affect us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Here are some ways to use crystals to enhance your day-to-day reality.

How to Use Healing Crystals

Psychic Enhancement

All crystals will help you better connect with your own intuition and hear subtle messages from the universe. My favorite crystals and their use is with my own spiritual path. Amethyst will help open your 3rd eye, ajna chakra, to better perceive the unseen around you.

Apophyllite on the 3rd eye will magnify the power of your psychic vision and a mild vibration can be felt by sensitive souls.

You may practice with any crystal you are drawn to (that’s intuition at work, love!). While laying down, place the crystal of your choosing on your 3rd eye — slightly between and above the eyebrows. With a loving invitation, ask the crystal to assist you, to expand your awareness and notice how you feel. Some people may experience strong physical sensations while others may feel nothing at all. Be gentle as you begin to explore the ways crystals will affect you and trust that it is amplifying your psychic vision.


I am a plant nerd. Scarcely are there plants in my home which do not have crystal allies hanging out with them. Placing crystals in plants is a most harmonious partnership and is nature at her most connected. Using crystals to assist the plant kingdoms is both a generous and bounteous gift. Like crystals, plants will emit their own energetic, psychic signature. To bless a plant with a crystal partner is to create a partnership that will amplify all life around you.

Theirs is a symbiotic relationship, the plant will cleanse the crystal, the crystal will bless the plant.

Choose the crystals you are guided to, heck even ask the plant directly, until you feel an urge of confirmation. You may place the crystals in the dirt with the plant or around the container if the chosen crystal is too large.

You may feel an immediate sigh of delight as this friendship is offered. Both are in immense gratitude for the support of the other.

Your plants will thrive, your environment will be purified and your connection to the earth realms will be even easier to traverse.


If meditation is already a part of your practice, using crystals to enhance your connections to God and the unseen realms will offer untold blessings.

As a natural amplifier of energy, crystals deepen your meditation and grant you access to spaces you may not discover on your own.

Pietersite, for example, is an excellent stone for working in the Akashic Records while howlite will help you access past lives. If peace of mind is what you require, serpentine will put you in a gentle connection with Angels to soothe and enhance your meditations.

Crystals can help you connect with your higher self, spiritual masters and ascended beings and gives greater clarity on your path.

As with plants, the uses for crystals in meditation are vast and yours to explore.

These crystals may very likely become allies for you and will hold the potency of your truth and vibration which can elevate your meditative states and practices.

Drinking Water

Water is a living liquid vibration. Crystals can both purify and cleanse the water and are a blessed partnership.

To Cleanse: Naturally running water is a rare treat and our tap water goes through all sorts of contaminants before showing up in our glass. Crystals can be used to cleanse water. Shungite cleans water: when used properly it can remove impurities from your water. After all, water has a crystal structure so the partnership of these two is a blessed union indeed.

To Bless: Known as gem elixirs, you can put crystals directly in your water to receive their love and absorb their vibrations. Note however not all crystals can go in water directly, some will be harmful or may even dissolve contaminating your water. Do your research before ever placing crystals directly in your water.

Healing Crystals For You

I’m often asked how to use crystals for healing and “what crystal do I use?” Because crystals transmit a frequency, they are able to alleviate the vibrations of unease and discomfort we encounter. I will often turn to crystals before I turn to medication as they offer a profound gift of direct connection with the blessings of the earth.

You may be surprised to discover that crystals will hold a vibration, both their own and those they are working with. Sodalite at the back of the neck, for instance, will help to extract a headache while rose quartz on the heart will help to soothe sadness.

Placing crystals directly on the afflicted area is suggested and cleaning the crystal after is imperative to restore the natural frequency of your crystal.

From physical pain to emotional distress, there is a perfect crystal ally waiting to help. All you need do is ask!

If working with the chakra system, crystals can be used to help balance your energetic field. Find a stone that is the color of the chakra you are working with and it can immediately assist in fine-tuning your vibrations. Placed directly on the body, the crystal can bring you back into balance and harmony more quickly.

How to Care for Your Crystals

Now that your interest is piqued, here are the basic rules and care tips for any crystals you might pick up. Crystals are rocks, so they aren’t necessarily delicate, but they do require very specific care to utilize their full potential.


Upon first receiving a crystal, it always needs to be cleansed. They do absorb and affect vibrations after all, so a good cleanse is imperative to work with the purest energy of the crystal.

Moon light and snow are my two favorite methods. Both pristine in their energy, they will neutralize any energies the crystals may have picked up on its journey to you.

A full moon is best to cleanse all your crystals.

Melody (of the Love is in the Earth books) teaches an even easier method which is simply visualizing a violet flame around your crystal- simply direct the flame from your 3rd eye and allow the energy to be transmuted. If moons or snow is tricky to come by, flex your psychic muscles and use this 2-second method instead.

Salt likewise is a marvelous go-to for stubborn energies. I once had a charoite necklace that felt funky every time I wore it. I let it soak in Himalayan sea salt for a few weeks and voilà! Good as new and ready to assist me in my endeavors.

Smudging is also a gentle way of cleansing crystals. Incense, fresh herbs or resins such as copal will all remove unwanted energies from your crystals restoring their purest vibration. Suggested herbs for this are rose petals, sage, frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood. Simply wave the crystals through the smoke and ask that they be released of any energy not innately theirs.

When to Clear

In addition to clearing your crystals when you first receive them, crystals will pick up and hold onto energy over time. After intense work, a bad encounter, or prolonged reliance you should clear your crystals. To me, the energy will become stale, heavy or even muddy feeling. A crystal in its pristine frequency should feel fresh and crisp, anytime it feels foggy, you know a cleaning might be necessary.


To charge a crystal means putting a direct intention in which will help you in your everyday life. I have crystals in my house charged for my writing, for projects I wish to see to fruition, for abundance and protection. Whatever assistance you need, you are certain to find a crystal ready to help!

The purpose of programming a crystal or gemstone is to focus its abilities on something you specifically need, thereby magnifying the stone’s intent through your own.

A crystal or stone that is programmed and focused in these ways becomes much more powerful and useful as a tool.

Though not animate, stones are living things, conscious energies on this planet and each carries its own life-force energy.

The process of charging crystals is quite simple but it requires clear intention. Why are you requesting the help of this crystal? In what ways can you ask it to assist you? The more clear you can be the better the crystal can partner with you. Think of these uses, then quietly ask the gemstone if it is willing to act in the way you wish. The crystals’ energy may increase with a yes or seem to disappear with a no.

Clear your crystal first so no other agendas lie within. State your intention aloud while holding the crystal in your hand. You may likewise enhance your charging by placing the crystal to your heart or 3rd eye while speaking its purpose aloud.

Once a stone is programmed, it will hold its intent until you or someone else reprograms it.

Being in gratitude with all things does wonders and so is the case with your mineral allies. Thank them for your assistance, love and protection. To feel they are purposeful in their quest will keep them happy and will allow your heart to vibrate at the frequency of gratitude toward all life around you.

Buying Crystals

We are fortunate that we live in a time when the allocation of these unique beauties is at an all-time high. Crystals can be found easily and abundantly, even expeditions to dig your own are a possibility!

I am rather picky when it comes to buying crystals as they have all been harvested from the earth in different manners. I can feel the pain of a roughly chopped crystal for instance versus those who have been gathered with reverence.

Being able to hold the crystals before a purchase is the best way to feel their treatment however I have a few resources online for Crystal Dealers who I trust implicitly. I can feel those which have been lovingly tended and those which are just cast into a box for shipping. The purer your care and intention, the stronger the bond for the crystals to use as a tool to truly aid you.

Going to a gem show may be your most treasured ticket but be prepared for a day of wild energy. The price and offerings at the shows can vary but it will offer an excellent opportunity to learn what you are attracted to. You may snag great deals or discover the most immaculate specimen you never knew existed!

Tumbled stones are the easiest to find while raw stones will be best for potent manifestations and intentions.

As with all, allow your own inner guidance, the voice of your intuition, to be the most right and follow it devoutly. No matter where a crystal may come from, if it calls out to you, there is a reason regardless of what it took to get to you, it is offering assistance to you.

Sharing your Crystals

Some people get weird about sharing stones and suggest never to let another person touch your crystals. As a source of healing, however, I disagree with this notion and instead honor the wisdom of the crystal. If someone else may benefit from the love and care we have cultivated, I am happy to share its gifts. I will clear the energy after restoring to neutral the energy of the stone itself.

I had a friend recently who underwent spinal surgery. I brought over one of my most cherished obsidians. I had worked closely with this beloved and knew the potency with which we had worked. Upon handing it to my friend, she too could feel its power and she was certain it helped her recover more quickly.

To pine away and hoard stones for yourself fuels an old paradigm. We are birthing the new earth where we need no protection from negativity, where we live in harmony and the love that we cultivate can be given freely. So too is this the way of our Earth Allies, plants, animals and crystals too!

What's My Birthstone? Birthstone Meanings and Stone Properties by Month

What’s My Birthstone? Birthstone Meanings and Stone Properties by Month

When each of us is born, elements throughout the universe are aligned in uniquely specific formations. Because every aspect of creation is connected, our birth stars and planets are positioned in ways that are meant to impact our lives, both positively and negatively. 

Inherent in these constellations and formations is a unique set of influences and energetic attributes. We can choose to move with these constructs, as if being whisked away on mini rollercoasters throughout our lives, or we can challenge them by understanding how they function, then continuously choose to improve our responses to them. 

Therein lie two potential responses to our birth influences and the resulting karmic flows: roll with it or rise above it.

What is a Birthstone?

While the stars and planets are working with the energetic aspects within the heavens to bring you to life and then guide you through to your death, there are other players in the game: gemstones. All the stones throughout all the galaxies and universes are born with energetic infusions. This makes each stone unique in its attributes and footprint. 

Hinduism tells us that the nine gemstones connected to your specific celestial forces can help you in this life. In Sanskrit, they are known as Navaratna or The Nine Gems. By wearing some of them for specific purposes, you can protect yourself from the negative influences that were found in the heavens at the time and place of your birth month. This is why birthstones can be extremely valuable to us. They can help us break karmic trends, heal ancient wounds, and escape the harshest aspects built into the fabric of our life trajectories.

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