Ancient Egyptian Initiation: The Seven Gates

Ancient Egyptian Initiation: The Seven Gates

The following is a selected text from The Book of Coming Forth by Light, popularly called The Egyptian Book of the Dead. It is an initiation text to be spoken aloud. Try using it in a ceremonial manner as you prepare for a period of meditation. Use incense and candles, perhaps some bells or music. Special clothing may also add to the ceremonial nature of the initiation process. Each Gate is associated with a specific chakra and thought-cluster. It is important to use your mind’s eye to visualize that center within your body and the concept in your mind as you speak the words associated with it. The words and thoughts are quite powerful. Wherever you see “[Your Name]”, speak your name. For example, I would speak: “May you cause the perfected soul of the Reunited One, the seeker John, to be victorious with you in the Temple of Reunion.”

These gates correlate to our body temple and our mental thoughts. Here are the thoughts you should focus on at each gate. To get the full effect of the initiation you should feel, imagine, and experience the journey. This is how one brings about the full illumination. Do not move through the gates quickly. Try to imbue your mind and body with the thoughts and vibrations of each gate before moving on.

Gate 1 – Root & Survival

Speak the words, pausing to feel the meaning and spirit of them.

 Here begins the Entrance on Light, and of coming forth from and going into the Territory of the Holy Ones, in the beautiful Hidden Place. Homage to thee, O Guardian of the Hidden Place. O you who make perfected souls to enter into the Temple of Reunion. 

           May you cause the perfected soul of the Reunited One, the seeker [Your Name], to be victorious with you in the Temple of Reunion.  May I hear as you hear; may I see as you see. O you who open the way and lay open the paths to perfected souls in the Temple of Reunion, open you the way and lay open the paths to the soul of Reunited [Your Name]. 

           Homage to thee, O thou who art at the head of the Hidden Place. Grant that I may arrive in peace in the Hidden Place and that the lords of the Ascent may receive me.

Gate 2 – Navel & Soul Ascent

 Here makes the Spirit Body to enter into the Upper Gate of the Ascent. Homage to thee, O thou that dwells in the Holy Mountain of the Hidden Place. Grant that I may arrive in peace in the Hidden Place and that the lords of the Ascent may receive me. Here begins the Entering on Light and living beyond physical life. 

         Hail, One shining from the Moon!  Hail, One shining from the Moon!  Grant that the Reunited [Your Name] may come forth from among those multitudes that are outside; and let me be established as a dweller among the citizens of Heaven; and let the Hidden Places be opened unto me.  And behold, Reunited One, Reunited [Your Name], shall Enter on Light.

Gate 3 –Solar Plexus & Power

Here begins the Passing over the Celestial Road of the Upper Gate of the Tomb.

        The Resurrected Infinite One, triumphant says:  I open out a way over the Watery Abyss which forms a path between the two Combatants: Darkness and Light, Evil and Good, Death and Life, Law and Love, Selfish self and Reunited Self. May a path be made for me whereby I may enter in peace into the beautiful Hidden Place. And may a path be made for me whereby I may enter in and adore the Reunited One, the Lord of Life. Praise to The Attuned One when he rises upon the Horizon.

Gate 4 –Heart & Love

Here begin the praises and glorifyings of coming out from and of going into the glorious Inner World that is in the beautiful Hidden Place. I am Yesterday, the Timeless One; I know Today.

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What then is this? It is the Hidden Place wherein were created the souls of the gods when the Father was leader in the Mountain of the Hidden Place. I know the God who dwells therein. Who then is this? It is the Reunited One. What then is this? It is the horizon of my Father, the Unmanifested One.

            What then is this? It is the cutting off of the corruptible in the body of the Reunited One, the earthly [Your Name]. It is the purification of Reunited [Your Name] on my birth. I pass over the way; I know the head [Crown chakra] of the Pool [Navel chakra] of the Well of Life. What then is this? It is the gate, the door; and it is the northern door of the tomb [Crown chakra].

Now as concerning the Pool [Navel] of the Well of Life, it is the way by which my father, the Unseen One, travels when he goes forth to the Realms of Initiation.

            Now the southern gate [Navel] of the Ascent is the gate of the Pillars of He who rises. It is the gate where the god who rises lifts the disc of Heaven. The gate of the north [Crown] is the Gate of the Great God. The northern gate of the Ascent is the two leaves [the two hemispheres of the brain] of the door through which the Unmanifested god passeth when he goeth forth to the Eastern Horizon of Heaven [from the back of the head, over the crown of the head and on toward the frontal lobe and Third Eye behind the forehead].


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Gate 5 –Throat & Expression

Here begins the Entering on Light in the Inner World.

          I am Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, the Dweller in Eternity, and I have the power to be born a second time. I am the divine hidden Soul who gives meals unto the citizens of the Inner World, the Beautiful Hidden Place and Heaven. I am the Lord of seekers who are raised up, the Lord who comes forth from out of the unconscious.

         Hail, Lord of the Shrine that stands in the middle of the Earth. He is I, and I am He. Make thou thy roads glad for me. Send forth thy light upon me, O Soul unknown, for I am one of those who are about to enter in. Come thou who dwell above the divine Abyss of water.

         The god who is the Conductor of Souls transports me to the Chamber of Rebirth, and my nurse is the divine, double Lion-God himself, Yesterday and Tomorrow.  I am made strong and I come forth. “I know the depths” is thy name.

         I am he who enters on Light. The doors of Heaven are opened for me; the doors of earth are opened for me. Hail, thou soul who rises in Heaven. Strengthen thou me according as thou hast strengthened thyself, and show thyself upon earth, O thou that returns and withdraws thyself.

        Messiah, Redeemer, son of the Mother of all, avenger of the Father!  Strengthen thou me, according as thou has strengthened thyself, and show thyself upon earth.

Gate 6 –Crown of Head & Spirituality

Here begins the way of causing the soul to be united to its body in the Inner World.

          The Reunited [Your Name], triumphant, says:

          Hail, thou god “the bringer”!  Hail, thou god “the runner,” who dwells in thy hall!  Great God! Grant thou that my soul may come unto me from wheresoever it may be – NOW. [Pause here to receive the permission and your soul. Imagine it and feel it.]

         Hail, ye gods . . .  who make souls to enter into their spiritual bodies. Grant ye that the soul of Reunited [Your Name], triumphant, may come forth before the gods and that it may have peace in the Hidden Place. May it look upon its body and neither perish nor suffer corruption for ever. The paths that are above me lead to the gateway. Open unto me!

Gate 7 –Third Eye & Perception

Here begins the Entering into the Hall of Double Truth.

            And they say unto me, who art thou? And they say unto me, what is thy name? Come, then, they say, and enter in through the door of this Hall of Double Truth. We will not let thee enter in through us, say the bolts of this door, unless thou tell us our names. I reply:

          “Tongue of the Balance” – the place of right and truth is your name. [Pause to allow the doors to open. Imagine it. Feel it.]

          The heavens are opened, the earth is opened, the West is opened, the East is opened, the southern half of Heaven is opened, and the northern half of Heaven is opened. 

          Now, here begins the Entering into Heaven. The Attuned One lives, the Earth Bound One is subdued. Sound am I who is the chest [Heart], Reunion triumphant. May those who build up grant that the Reunited [Your Name] shall arrive happily in the Hall of Double of Truth. May He Who Makes Reunion to-be-Secret grant that the Reunited [Your Name] may be a lord of strides in the habitation of the Ascent. And there shall be made an offering by the Reunited [Your Name] when I enter through the hidden pylons.

           May the company of the gods who rule over the Hidden Place grant that Reunited [Your Name] shall go in through the secret door of the House of Reunion. And there shall be made an offering by Reunited [Your Name] when I shall walk up the Great Staircase.

           The Lady of the Hidden Place, mighty dweller in the funeral mountain, lady of the Holy Place, receive the Reunited [Your Name]. The Attuned One liveth, the Earth Bound One is quiet. Sound is he who is reunited triumphantly. –Amen.


Congratulations! You have completed the initiation of the seven gates through your body and your mind. It is intended to raise your body’s vibrations and expand your mind’s awareness – thereby imbuing you with greater spirituality.

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Ancient Traditions To Help You Celebrate Summer Solstice

Ancient Traditions To Help You Celebrate Summer Solstice

The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, during which the axial tilt of the Earth puts the western hemisphere closest to the Sun. For time immemorial, it has been a day of celebration for many cultures across the world. But if you’re unsure of how to celebrate the summer solstice of 2019, here are some of the ancient rituals and celebrations practiced by our ancestors on the midsummer’s night.

Summer Solstice Meaning

The word solstice comes from the Latin words “sol,” meaning sun, and “stitium” or “sistere,” meaning still or stopped. In ancient times, our ancestors likely used this day as a marker to decide when to plant crops, noticing that the sun switched from a southward to northward trajectory in the sky.

But more importantly, the solstice was a time of celebration and a break from the norm. Many cultures believed that magic took place on the night of the summer solstice, with fairies showing themselves to humans, while evil spirits were dispelled from their lives.

Ancient Festivities on the Summer Solstice

In ancient Greece, the summer solstice marked the start of a new year and the month-long countdown to the Olympics. The Greeks also observed the festival of Kronia, during which they worshipped Cronus, the god of agriculture. At this time slaves were given equal rights to their owners, who allowed them to participate in games and festivities, sometimes even reversing roles and serving them – it was undoubtedly a welcomed holiday.

In ancient Egypt, the summer solstice represented the coming of the brightest star, Sirius. Not long after, the Nile would begin to flood its banks, marking a season of abundance from the land. The Egyptians believed Sirius was responsible for the floods and considered it the start of a new year.

The ancient Romans celebrated the festival of Vestalia, in honor of the goddess of the hearth. Married women brought offerings to the temple of Vesta, hoping the goddess would bestow blessings upon their families. Vesta was the protector of married women and virginity, and was exclusively a goddess for women.

In addition to the offerings made in Vesta’s temple, women would bake a sacred cake, which followed a strict recipe. Water from a sacred spring would be used, and prevented from coming into contact with the Earth, as it was carried in blessed jugs.

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