How to Unite Your Inner Feminine and Masculine


In January of 2012, I met a man who would forever change the way I viewed partnerships. About three months after we met, I asked him to accompany me to India where I would be assisting a yoga teacher training course. I got pregnant on that trip but didn’t realize until late summer. Our relationship soon became a living nightmare and at least once a week I asked him to leave my home. He proclaimed his love for me and had very clever excuses for his actions. I can’t begin to tell you how much I wanted to believe him and hoped things would get better.

As the pregnancy progressed, I grew weak and more dependent on him. He grew more distance and apathetic to me and our relationship. I felt unattractive, scared, and spent most nights alone. I had zero reference point for how to handle the manipulation, lies, and sense of betrayal I felt. He finally left when our baby was 6 months old in the fall of 2013. He then admitted he had been cheating on me with multiple women the whole time and knew he never wanted to be in a monogamous relationship.

For two years after this, I went into deep introspection, and cried a lot. I was devastated and felt like a complete failure.

I knew that the only way out of the pain was to go into the mystery of my own consciousness. This led me to the study of Shamanism, Shamanic Astrology, and Energy Healing. Although it was probably the most challenging life experience I have ever been through, the benefits I found through seeking relief have been nothing short of miracles in my life. One of those miracles, I will share with you here.

What is the Inner Other?

According to Shamanic Astrology, we have an “inner other” which I call my “inner lover”. For a woman, look at where Venus is on her natal chart to find out the form of the Feminine she embodies. My Venus is in Aquarius which is the type of feminine who is cosmically conscious, intelligent, brilliant, and has a big-picture perspective on life. Some “shadow” expressions of this sign are detachment, aloofness, and observing more than participating in life.

Then, to find out what she is most attracted to in a man, we would look at where Mars is on her chart. This is her inner masculine or what she most desires to connect with in a partner.

This is also where we most often project our own inner vision onto the men in our lives and see them through our desire for what we most want them to be instead of accepting them for who they actually are. My Mars is in Pisces which would suggest that I am attracted to the sensitive, empathic, universally loving Piscean energy in a partner. Some “shadow” expressions of this could be escapism, addictions, and the wounded man who doesn’t overcome his pain.

If you identify as a man, you would look first Mars to discover what form of the masculine you are representing. My teachers, Caylin Castell and Daniel Giamario, call this the “sword you carry” as a man. So if your Mars is in Aries, you would be the warrior, protector of the tribe, action-oriented type of man. Remember to take into account the possible shadow expressions of your Mars position. For Aries, this may be violent, mean, or too much action.

Then, to find what form of the feminine you most desire to connect with, you would locate Venus on your natal chart. This is your inner feminine, in essence, it is also you. Yet, you likely project this out onto the women in your life by seeing women through the “lens” of your own inner feminine. If your Venus is in Leo, you most wish to connect with the form of the feminine that is self-loving, radiant, and happy to be in the spotlight like royalty. Some shadow expressions of Leo may be the proverbial ball hog, attention seeker, or narcissist type of woman.

The key here is to own both archetypes, if it feels right for you.

In my experience, I realized that I was indeed most attracted to my Mars archetype and was often disappointed when my partner was not as universally loving/compassionate as I believed he “should” be. I really didn’t like my Venus archetype either. I was mostly teased for my Aquarian Venus attributes and spent most of my life trying to fit in, which is something that Venus in Aquarius is just not meant to do.

Feed Your Inner Lover(s)

Once I was able to see the pattern and understand my attractions, I began feeding my Mars in Pisces with activities that served the Pisces archetype. I have been able to nurture my inner lover from the inside by getting to know what things honor my Mars in Pisces. Some of these things have been practicing intuition and empathy, being in nature, and doing more random acts of kindness.

I satisfy my inner longing and no longer attract men that fit my usual pattern. I feel whole and complete within myself and I am experiencing men from a whole new perspective. Of course, when I meet a new man, I do notice traits that support my inner masculine archetype first. I realize that this may always be what I am most attracted to. But it no longer is a fulfillment thing. I am conscious of the pattern and know how to get my own needs met on this level.

Identify your Venus and Mars positions here.

Once you have identified where Mars and Venus are on your own natal chart, you would hold the vision or awareness of each of these archetypes and find out if this resonates with you. If it does not, you can do one of two things right now:

  1. Get out a sheet of paper and a pen. Write out a list of all the attributes you can assign to your current perception of men and then a separate list for women. See if there is any connection to your Venus and Mars. If you are unsure of the archetypes, you can use the internet for a bit of research.
  2. Get out a pen and paper and free write about your current perception of men and then again of women. Claim your inner masculine and inner feminine based off of what you intuitively feel.

The idea is to bring these into harmonious relationship within yourself. I have recognized the ways in which I was projecting my inner masculine out and learned how to own this as part of me. I have also reclaimed my feminine form as the Aquarian Goddess and more fully embrace my uniqueness, innovation, and ability to go between different states of consciousness.

My inner lovers are constantly dancing together and assisting in everything I create. Words do not express the bliss I have found in this Inner Lover Connection.

Inner Lover Connection Exercise

  1. Have a notebook and a pen ready in case you want to take notes.
  2. Get into a meditative state of mind, however it is that you feel most meditative. Whether that is gardening, sitting for meditation, dirt-bike racing, or dancing. Everyone has a unique way of connecting to their source so go with whatever feels right for you.
  3. Imagine what your own inner Goddess/Feminine would look like. If the sign of your Venus position resonates with you, use that archetype to start to feel into her essence. Bring her to life through your imagination.
  4. Ask her what it is she most wants. “How can I best accommodate your wishes and desires?” Or any question you would like to ask. Deeply listen. Accept the first things that come to you. Write it down.
  5. Imagine what your own inner God/Masculine would look like. If the sign of your Mars position resonates with you, use that archetype to feel into his essence. Bring him to life through your imagination.
  6. Ask him similar questions that you asked your inner Goddess/Feminine. Perhaps you will ask him, “Is there anything you want me to know? How can I better honor you in my life?”
  7. Have the inner Goddess/Feminine and inner God/Masculine face each other and look into each other’s eyes. Ask them each if there is anything they need to say or do to heal, strengthen, or assist them in allowing more energy into their union. Be receptive to what may come up.
  8. Feel the love and acceptance flowing between your inner lovers as a sense of gratitude washes over you. Notice any feelings or sensations that may be rising in your awareness.
  9. Give thanks for the ability to feel, connect, and witness pure love.
  10. Take time everyday to honor this sacred marriage between your inner feminine and inner masculine through doing things that are unique to your own archetypes. You will know what activities are best to honor these within yourself as you practice being receptive to this exercise and then acting on the message you receive from your inner lovers.

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Sacred Relationships: Open Your Heart, Find Your Soul Mirror

Understand that all relationships are sacred, not only your intimate one but your relationship with All. Humans, plants, animals, non-humans, physical, non-physical and so on. And the most Sacred Relationship of all, is with your own soul. That is it. Creating a harmonious relationship with your soul is the fundamental basis for harmonious and loving Sacred Relationships. Living as your Soul who loves all unconditionally. Explore the Self-Love transmission to prepare you to receive this Heart transmission of pleiadian wisdom.

Love Stepping Stones

All relationships are assistant, stepping stones. Some more pleasant than others, nonetheless they all have for purpose your spiritual and soul growth. This is why we say, all relationships at the soul level are of unconditional love. When you set up your reality in this way, all become a blessing. Some of you would like not to be in an intimate relationship. At times, this will be valid and necessary, taking time to retreat and be solely with your inner soul self.

Nonetheless, to experience your level of growth, you will want a mirror, what we refer to as a soul mirror.

Intimate relationships are your greatest spiritual growth indicator and “helper”. The reflection is a great gift. Not to say that the reflection conditions you in any way, as on the ascension process to the fifth dimension New Earth within, one no longer waivers to what the outside reflection mirrors, it simply observes from one’s own inner soul core in a state of inner bliss, peace and tranquility anchored within one’s vortex of self-love.

Enter the Realm of Your True Self

At this frequency, you have entered a magical realm, the realm of your true self, where you experience soul relationships, no longer ego-personality relationships. Soul relationships are of the fifth dimension and beyond. This is why we say embrace your relationships, all of them, as they are truly assisting you to strengthen your own soul connection, in living as your Soul, spinning in your own vortex of self love, sovereign, free and from that energy of inner freedom, one can truly share, one can truly love. The word “love” has been so used and abused, left with no real meaning. Love is not a word, it is who you are, it is the ultimate experience which shall liberate all.

Love is Not Bondage

Do you feel the power that lies within you as you read those words? Love sets you free. Love is not a bondage, it is ultimate freedom. Those who are afraid to love will keep you in bondage. You got confused when you programmed yourselves to believe that you had to love another more than you love yourself.

There is a collective reset if you wish as you go through the Ascension process. All is within, you are “All That there is and Ever will Be”.

How could loving another “outside of you” align you with your true self? It is like floating in the Ether with no anchor.

Love is the Essence of All That is

This is how you have been navigating your reality in the Piscean Age. No wonder you ended up feeling victimized and disempowered. No wonder the true message of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the Holy Grail, got twisted to serve that exact purpose of making you feel like a martyr, a sinner, having to carry your burdensome cross. What a trick you played on yourselves, just to show you that it was time to go home to your inner self, you Inner Fountain of Jouvence, where abundance and eternal love reign supreme.

Once you are tapped into your own love, which is your essence, as is the essence of All That Is, there, you blossom, there, you trust, there, you give without restriction and limitation.

As you remember, you are the Eternal Flow of Creation weaving through a physical body your dream, though not limited to the physical as you understand, you are in truth multi-dimensional beings. Now, we wish to make a subtle though key distinction. The Soul gives unconditionally, it is a fact. Nonetheless, it gives wisely.

This has been another by-product programming from the idea of loving another more than yourself, this is again the Piscean Dream of needing to be saved. This is why, Jesus was seen as a Savior when in Truth he was planting the seed of this Aquarian Age, which reveals there is no need to be saved, there is nothing that you need to be saved from other than the illusion of separation which caused you to suffer and which is rooted in the 3D ego-mind-perception.

A Message of Humanhood

One can only suffer through the distorted perception of separation. The real message was of Unity and Oneness. Of Brother-Sisterhood, of Humanhood. Jesus and Mary Magdalene were visionaries, they vibrated and embodied the fifth dimension New Earth then, planting the seed of this Golden Age at the time of the Crucifixion, an event that all remember within their own unconscious, as to plant the seed of True Eternal Love deep within the collective unconscious.

Time is the Mother of Compassion.

The symbol of the crucifixion was the surrender, on the archetypal cross of the 4 directions, of one’s ego to the Soul Ascended Eternal Self of the Higher Realms, redeemed through the Compassionate Heart of the Sacred Divine Feminine. All shall experience this archetypal event in their lives to awaken the fifth dimension New Earth within, thus awakening to the experience of relating to all as Sacred.

Jesus said “Love thy neighbor as you love thyself” that means “Love thyself” comes first. You are the beginning and the end. Nothing without your consciousness perceiving it actually exist. So starting with you is simply logical. The New Earth Paradigm is filled with sovereign Light Beings, such as you. There is no dependency in relationships, relationships are based on sovereignty. The sovereignty of your soul, of your free will. In this paradigm there is no blame game. It simply does not exist when one recognizes all springs from within. It is your dream you are dreaming. You are the dreamer.

Loving others at a soul level does not mean allowing others to do things that are unloving to you. Again, the martyr archetype of the Piscean Age is obsolete and this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces of March 8th 2016 is a clear new beginning for Humanity, rising to one’s Sovereignty with Self-Love, Dignity and Courage. That martyr archetype has played its role as you choose as a collective to experience a feeling of disempowerment. That time is done.

The Birth of the Sixth Golden Age

The Sixth Golden Age has been birthed within the Cosmic Womb of The Great Mother and Mother Earth Gaia; Christ Consciousness is rising within All and it is an unstoppable process. It is simply the process of Human, Planetary and Galactic Evolution. You can choose to argue about it with your belief systems, resist it with all your ego’s might, nonetheless it is still happening and will continue to happen, as Shambala, an Enlightened Humanity is what you are co-creating through your individual and collective Ascension process.

Dare to Love Yourself

This is where your sovereignty and your power of self-love comes in. You have the power to say “no, I am not a victim, I am a sovereign being of Light”. Will you dare? Yes, You Can! Many of you, thought that loving unconditionally meant accepting everything no matter what that everything could be. We say to you very clearly it was non sense. This was an unbalance of the feminine principle which became extremely passive throughout the Dark Age as the male principle took over with all its might to control via the ego-mind-prison.

Control has no place within the New Earth Paradigm.

Your Soul knows how to repel negative energies and draw clear boundaries. You must learn to create healthy boundaries within your oneness. Being loving, does not mean being passive. Again, we repeat to you, you are sovereign. You make the call. You say what feels right and what does not and none can invalidate your feelings, none. The foundation of sacred relationships is to be authentic and true to yourself and thus to others. Giving others that same opportunity. Opening to one’s vulnerability which is the way of living with an open heart. That is Sacred Relationships. This entice to listen to one another, to develop conscious communication, heart communion.

You are also realizing that your presence speaks. As you are an energy field, you vibrate. And you are discovering that you do not need to “talk things out” so much, you can get much more to the point by focusing on your inner self and communing on a soul level through telepathy, by-passing the ego-personality construct, when the other might not be as receptive as you.

Those are relationship skills you are all invited to play with. We purposefully use the word play, as at times, you can take things so seriously, like your whole life depends on it. Lighten up, keep light. It is all the play of Love anyways!

If you focus on what is going to go “wrong”, guess what you will manifest. Choose your focus wisely. We are not saying “fake it” when you feel unbalanced, rather we are saying, step back, breathe deep, adopt a neutral view point, which is the viewpoint of your Soul which is all encompassing and then see how everything automatically shifts back into balance, simply by allowing whatever arises.

Be Gentle

Fear is the greatest illusion from your ego-mind-prison, you all understand that now. You are collectively learning to de-program yourselves from it, as you re-align with your core essence of Love, your Soul, your I AM presence. Be gentle with yourselves and try to keep a light attitude no matter the circumstances. The medias love to make things look “worse” than it is, it is how they stay alive. Apply discernment. You will see in not so long, you will look back and laugh at all this nonsense you played with yourself.

At the Soul Level, you realize you really made big dramas of little pebbles.

Can you imagine a relationship without drama? Can you imagine a relationship which is loving, honoring, passionate, fun, deep, soulful and so much more? We are poking you here, as all that is seemingly preventing you from experiencing this form of soul relationship is because an aspect of you actually does not believe it is possible. This aspect of you, a sub-personality, might actually say “yeah, right, sounds great, like in the movie…but unlikely it will happen to me in real life, not like in a million years!”. That voice is the self-sabotaging voice within you. Can you recognize it?

This voice might say something a bit different but all in all, it is creating a seeming block as all fears are illusions.

If you go deeper, you might find out, that this voice is trying with somewhat good intentions to keep you safe. This is the big Heart Awakening! The ego-mind-prison will try its best to persuade you it is not safe to live with an open heart. And we are here to tell you, it is a lie. Love is who you are. You cannot deny yourselves any longer Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Light.

Have the courage to go beyond those illusory fears, it is your birthright to live a life filled with Love. Allow it!

We walked you through this shadow aspect of you, because once you become aware of it, it is gone. You do not need to analyze it, get regressed for it, and so forth; it is gone. Once you bring awareness thus consciousness which is Light to the dark, it is no longer dark and it no longer can control you, it has no power over you, it has been transmuted to the Light that you are. Bravo!

Write Down Your Soul Dreams

So now, we ask you to write down that exact sacred soul dream relationship you would like to experience for real

And let that voice mumble if it wants to, just do not give it your power, your focus anymore. It will disappear, it will fade away, we promise you. Understand that this is simply your own fear. You have not realized how fearful you can be when you get so close to getting what you want. Why do you think you get in that state? Self-worth which is tied into self-love. Allowing yourself to receive the good in your life. So many of you had no issue allowing the “bad”, so now get used to the good, the good that dwells not within the duality of separation but within the infinity that you are.

Soul Love Requires Cooperation

To create sacred relationships, know that you will need cooperation. That is what it comes to in an intimate relationship for instance, where commitment to growing and evolving together, magnifying each other’s inner light, no matter what comes up, is required to experience the highest level of soul love. We say again, all relationships are sacred when you relate at the soul level, seeing and feeling the essence of Creation in All.

Nonetheless, a Twin Flame or Soulmate relationship will take you deeper as indeed Creation expands.

Creation is Love and Love is who you are so there is always more to explore; it is infinite. What a relationship does is that it gives you focus where you can apply that Love energy in symbiosis with another. That is very special.

Twin Flames are Soul Mirrors

Twin flame relationships are unique in the sense that they are an exact soul mirror. A twin soul sees you in a way that no other sees you as you are the same soul, you are a perfect reflection of one another. You cannot hide. You can only surrender to it.

Soulmate relationships are somewhat easier, they do not push you to grow, they simply accept you as you are. We are not saying one relationship is better than the other, it simply depends on what you wish to experience at a soul level at that particular now moment.

The Age of Twin Souls

We will just say to you, the Golden Age is the age of Twin souls. Why? Because they demonstrate the “Hieros Gamos”, the Sacred Marriage within of the divine feminine and masculine mirrored and embodied in physicality which heals ALL in this dimension and beyond. This is the reason why twin flame relationships are popping all over your planet, this is why Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the most famous twin flame on your planet are re-surging from within your cells and DNA.

A twin flame relationship gives you no choice other than to love yourself thus open your Heart. You can try to hang on onto the other, which is commonly labeled as the runner-chaser. Understand it is simply that aspect of you which you are chasing with no success, as the message that you are sending to yourself here is “come back home to you” and then reunion within the physical can happen in freedom and flight. Twin flame relationship are the most intense, though the most rewarding spiritually. It is the real thing or nothing. No other option for Twin Flames. You must be your Authentic Self, your I AM presence in physicality. We did not say “perfect”, that has no place of reference in the zero point field of unity consciousness. Twin Flame relationships are the essence of the Golden Age.

Stay Open

We also wish to share with you with the intention to lighten the load of those who have gotten stuck with the idea of having only one Twin Soul. From our perspective, in an infinite possibility paradigm, it simply does not fit. What we would suggest to you, rather that opting for a new belief, is to stay focus on the essence of what represent a Twin Flame relationship to you, and keep soul linking with that feeling.

If all was predictable, there would be no joy to incarnate in a physical reality, you will simply get bored out of your so called sense of security, sense of knowing. Stay open! Embrace the real you unconditionally and allow yourself to live in sacred relationship with All That Is, receiving all the Love that is wanting to rush to you like a crashing wave on the seashore. And so it is!

Surrender to Love

Love is the greatest force of Creation. Surrender to it, just surrender and expect the utmost best! And it is what you shall experience. Love does not waiver, it is consistent, forever giving. It is you.

You are all realizing you are stars shining bright onto Mother Earth Gaia, in those fantastic times of Human Ascension to the fifth dimension within. And your matching star is out there for you.

Do not settle for less than the real thing. That is what most of you have done in the past. It was not bad, it simply taught you not to do it again if you so choose. Realize you are not powerless as you dreamt yourselves to be. You are energy and you are powerful. From your soul magnetic heart jewel, all run to you with no conscious effort on your part. This is what you are all invited to relax into. Stop chasing, stop feeding the chaser-runner concept of twin flames. Sit, love yourself and open to receive. Ha! We can hear your ego self go “no way! I Don’t like to sit, I’ll sit when I am on my death bed.” Some will even say “Not even on my death bed, I’ll still try to run!” It is ok.

Have humor about yourselves. It is a learning curve.

Why do you think all those Masters came to Earth with yoga and Meditation. There is gold in the Art of sitting, the Art of being receptive which is the feminine principle in you. Tune into the Goddess energy within yourself. That is the receptive principle in you. Not that you have to forget about the masculine, it simply has been over used in your human evolution. Simply give it some rest.

That is how relationships assist you, in reflecting to you, the balance of your feminine and masculine principle within your Goddess-God Self.

Forgiveness and compassion are other keys to sacred relationships. Understand all are doing their best at their own level of consciousness and awareness. That also teaches you emotional strength. Taking responsibility for the way you feel rather than finding the guilty one in a subconscious way to not deal with your “stuff”. When you enter the realm of sacred relationships there is a softness, a gentleness like a precious flower. You grow your compassionate heart and share with all open to receive with great joy. You become a giver rather than a taker. You ask how can I best serve this soul rather than what can I get from this?

As you give from your heart jewel, you receive in abundance as you are in tune with Creation which is nothing else but Abundance.

Another key aspect we will share with you on sacred relationships based on soul love is honoring. No need to explain, validate the way one feels and so forth. In sacred relationships, one honors another’s soul and process. There is no judgement, simply acceptance which is unconditional. There are days where you might be available and others where you might not. In sacred relationships, one understands that life goes in cycles and there is no expectation other than staying true to oneself and allowing others to do the same. There is a flow, an ease, it is effortless and this is what you are all at a soul level heading towards as a collective. Love is all there is. Love freely, love gracefully, love is you. And so it is.

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