Everyday Miracles

Everyday Miracles

The parting of the seas or the face of an angel appearing is not the only type of miracle. There are many small miracles that occur just at the right time and make all the difference in an event or the life of a person. There are also larger ones that may save a life. A miracle is an occurrence that is outside the rational process of thought, which is the framework of everyday life. When a person steps out of ordinary reality into a higher vibration, amazing things can happen.

In difficult or seemingly hopeless situations, or when a person is faced with an obstacle or goal that seem insurmountable, it can often seem that only solution to the situation will be a miracle, a change that is believed to be impossible, unless brought about by supernatural forces. Therefore, the request is usually sent to God, angels or whomever or whatever a person’s belief system has assigned the task of performing miracles.

Many people believe in miracles, even though they may have never experienced one. Most do not expect to experience a miracle of a grand scale during their lifetime, since it is only historical beings and saints that have these types of experiences.

Why is it that good stuff like miracles only happened ages ago? How unfortunate that people today only get to read about miracles.

It’s a Miracle

Miracles are experienced, believed in, and talked about frequently. It would take a miracle and it was a like a miracle are common expressions. No one denies that there is a possibility that a miracle will occur or that an event was like a miracle or even that it was a miracle. A miracle may occur when a person asks for one. In a moment of darkness, perhaps a magazine is glanced at, in hopes of receiving some inspiration, and the person sees the word miracle. Perhaps the person then thinks to ask their preferred higher power for a miracle, prompted by the word they just read. When it is least expected, the miracle comes. Everything changes, people involved begin to participate in the process, there is no resistance, and it all happens in good and perfect time. In retrospect, some of those involved may realize that all the actions were being orchestrated; they were in an altered state, carrying out orders, so to speak. A force was propelling them through the entire chain of events; saying what need to be said and making decisions that were necessary for the desired outcome. What began as a very dismal situation may be miraculously transformed into one that feels right.

Another miracle occurs when the person recognizes that a miracle has occurred. It has been commonly believed that miracles are the result of an intervention from a higher force, either a being, the universe in general, or just a lucky set of circumstances that were outside the normal course of events that created the unfortunate situation. These outdated notions have been around for centuries. They are documented in religious text and literary works so that it is believed, almost universally, that miracles have their source in a higher power separate from humans.

Recognize the Divine in You

Perhaps it would be helpful to explore the concept of the divine. It is commonly believed that humans are separate from the divine. Along the evolutionary trail, people are discovering that they have capabilities that are not normally recognized in traditional belief systems. As they are now reaching higher levels of consciousness, meaning that they vibrate at a higher frequency, they become aware of their participation in the creative process of their life and the world. At some level they can manifest instantly, as a result of their thoughts and intentions, thereby requiring a very careful consideration and responsibility. As these higher levels are accessed, it is recognized that life is good and all is well, events flow easily and effortlessly, and synchronicity occurs frequently and playfully. Finally, the realm of synchronistic flow becomes normal reality.

Your Beliefs Create Your Reality

When miracles happen, it is because those involved have entered a higher vibration, allowing the experience of the true, natural state of human existence. This is usually sparked by a desperate situation, which allows the person to temporarily let go of their current belief systems. Once these beliefs, which hold one captive in their boundaries, are released, the person is then elevated into a higher potentiality of human experience. The result being, a fix, an adjustment to their reality, beyond that which is usually experienced in daily life. It is called a miracle.

Currently, people have created belief systems that allocate parts of human to a higher power. This renders them somewhat powerless. Humans are divine. Letting go of restrictive beliefs creates miracles. Life is a miracle and miracles occur all day long, every day. A bird landing near you when you are deep in thought is a miracle. Do you see the bird and notice that it is telling you all is well? When coincidences and synchronicities occur, miracles are happening right before your eyes. Because you are connected to life, you are participating in these little miracles.


When you do not know what to do in a situation, stop, let go, and allow. Do this with the intention to receive guidance and before long, events begin to fall into place. You begin to know what to do next and how to handle the particular situation, because in essence you already have infinite wisdom within you. When you ask for guidance, and trust and follow your intuition with every step you take, you are walking in the path of miracles. You are not powerless. You are light. Do not feel you must look outside yourself for miracles. Instead, watch them occur on a daily basis.

How Practicing Gratitude Increases Our Abundance

How Practicing Gratitude Increases Our Abundance

Both gratitude and abundance are states of mind. They are not dependent on the actual outer provisions or circumstances we have at any given moment. It is our belief in abundance or the lack thereof that creates our experience of it. And our ability to be grateful for what is present that brings more goodness to us. The Yoga Sutra that addresses this says:

“Acknowledging abundance (aparigraha) we recognize the blessings in everything and gain insights into the purpose for our worldly existence.”

Sutra 2.39 translation by Nischala Joy Devi, The Secret Power of Yoga

Acknowledging Abundance

The first key word to note from this sutra is “acknowledging.” Abundance exists all around us all the time. The Universe is an ever renewing, incredibly infinite source of potential. Yet we often keep our vision so trained on the tiniest little speck of reality, that we block the flow of this infinite potential into our minds, hearts, and lives. We focus on what we don’t have instead of giving gratitude for all that we do have. And we suffer because of our limiting beliefs and limited perceptions. When we remember that the truest source of all resources is inexhaustible, and we place ourselves into the stream of infinite potential, we open into all the goodness, joy, beauty, love, opportunities, support, guidance, and creativity that life has to offer. Spirit is our constant storehouse of abundance.

Recognize the Blessings in Everything

The other essential teaching in this sutra is to “recognize the blessings in everything.” That means that even when we hurt or struggle, even when we are frustrated or feel tremendous lack, that we see the inherent opportunity to “acknowledge abundance.” We may not love the process of personal growth that comes through suffering, yet we can be grateful for its value in the long run. If we could really accept that every situation, every experience, every encounter holds a blessing for us, what a difference we would feel when faced with challenge. Instead of being afraid or pushing it away, we could embrace it as a gift of abundance from the Universe.

This is a paradigm shift much like the old question, “Is the glass half empty or half full?” By choosing to acknowledge abundance and blessings even when things aren’t exactly as we would like them to be, an amazing thing happens. We open ourselves to the flow of infinite Universal energy. If we hold on or hold back, we impede this flow. ‘Holding’ often comes in the form of believing that we don’t or won’t have “enough.” And this leads to mental restriction, lack of generosity, and availability to life. The energy of abundance requires the ebb and the flow, the receiving and the giving.

Perceiving Our Purpose

The last aspect to consider in this sutra has to do with perceiving our “purpose.” It promises that as we develop an abundance consciousness, we begin to see more clearly the meaning and purpose of our lives. The beautiful thing about abundance is that when we start looking for it, it appears everywhere. Although outwardly we may feel we have little to spare or share, by seeing the ‘glass half full’ we bypass the perceived lack, and find the ways in which we do have abundance. To share the love in our hearts, to offer time for service or a listening ear to someone who needs support gives purpose to anyone’s life. As we magnify the love in our hearts through the glass of abundance, giving freely, we receive even more in return.

So don’t wait for Thanksgiving to express gratitude or to experience abundance. Take some silent moments to open up to and feel the infinite blessings that surround you. Immerse yourself in the flow of Divine abundance now.

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