10-Day Guide to Lucid Dreaming
1 Season . 10 Episodes

A 10-day journey into the uncharted territories of the dream realm, where every night holds the potential to catalyze spiritual revelations, emotional healing, and conscious creative power.

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10-Day Guide to Lucid Dreaming (Preview)

You're invited to harness your innate celestial powers for lucid dreaming and self-discovery with Reece Jones, a seasoned lucid dreamer of nearly 30 years.

You'll be delving into the intricacies of:

✓ Creating a richer dream life through elevating dream recall, ensuring each nocturnal adventure leaves an indelible mark on your waking consciousness. ✓ Transforming fragments of information into powerful self-discovery tools that illuminate your inner world by extracting profound insights from your dream journal. Immersing in conscious living within the dream world, actively forging a profound connection between your waking and dream states. ✓ Living a more grounded and intentional life through developing reality-checking habits to discern between dream and reality and crafting an awareness bridge. ✓ Unlocking hidden potentials within your subconscious by unveiling the secrets of deliberate lucid dreaming, expanding your ability to navigate dreams with purpose ✓ Harnessing intention by pre-selecting dream adventures, paving the way for purposeful and transformative experiences within the expansive landscapes of your dreams. ✓ Exploring becoming lucid, gaining a deep understanding of expectations, and honing the ability to navigate the dream realm with unparalleled clarity and purpose, even cultivating the power to heal trauma.

Reece Jones' passion for guiding others on their lucid dreaming journey is palpable, creating an engaging and supportive environment for listeners. Join in to illuminate the pathways to self-discovery and change many facets of your waking life.

Host: Reece Jones
Episode 1
9 mins
Lay the groundwork for enhancing your dream recall as Reece Jones provides valuable insights and practices to unlock the mysteries of your subconscious mind.
Episode 2
10 mins
Beginning with a selection of dreams written in your dream journal, extract knowledge and make connections. Recognize your personal dream signs.
Episode 3
9 mins
Continue with techniques to bring more lucidity in your waking life. With this process, you will increase the likelihood of sparking spontaneous lucidity within the dream world.
Episode 4
9 mins
Now that you're beginning to see the patterns of your waking life and dream life more clearly, learn how to introduce reality checking and increase the likelihood of sparking intentional lucidity within the dream world.
Episode 5
10 mins
Learn tried and true techniques to induce lucidity. Some will awaken you within a dream, while others will take you directly from waking life into a lucid dream without interruption.
Episode 6
10 mins
Now that you have a better idea of how to induce a lucid dream, it's time to create a blueprint for your next one. Without a specific plan in place, lucid dreams are often short-lived and without direction.
Episode 7
10 mins
Learn what a typical lucid dream looks and feels like. With this instruction, you can prepare yourself for the inevitable rush of excitement and learn how to temper your emotional response.
Episode 8
11 mins
Now that you're having regular lucid dreams, learn how to prolong them by stabilizing the scene to create vivid lucidity.
Episode 9
11 mins
Learn how to create scenarios in your lucid dreams that are ripe with meaning and purpose. You may relive and reimagine experiences in our past to change the scenario.
Episode 10
9 mins
Now that you're having memorable and long-lasting lucid dreams, you may extract meaning from them upon awakening, and integrate that meaning into your waking life to transform your perceptions.