Design Your Lucid Blueprint

Join Reece Jones, your dream guide, as he illuminates the significance of pre-selecting your lucid dream experiences.

Within this lesson is your opportunity to understand the transformative potential of pre-selecting and scripting your dream experiences.

✓ Grasp the significance of choosing and planning lucid dream adventures for a more meaningful experience. ✓ Create a general dream blueprint, utilizing past traumatic experiences for potential healing. ✓ Enhance the richness of your dream experience by exploring valuable sources of inspiration.

This lesson offers a unique blend of strategic dream planning, therapeutic insights, and creative inspiration, providing a comprehensive approach to intentional and transformative lucid dreaming.

Home play: • Select an intention and create a lucid dream plan. • Reflect on it the following morning by journaling for five minutes.

Host: Reece Jones
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English