Season 2 . 13 Episodes

While great works of art have been admired and studied for centuries, only a few individuals know the secrets that they conceal. Clare and William Henry explore beyond the composition of these works to discover their hidden mysteries. What they find is the Arcanum: esoteric secrets about human potential and modern sciences.

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S2:Ep1, Introduction: Awakening the Soul (FREE)
Episode 1
7 mins
In this overview of Season 2, William Henry examines the origin of the soul as depicted through arcane works of art, in order to reveal the soul’s path of initiation and ascension.
Episode 2
45 mins
William Henry explains the cosmic origin of physical and spiritual life from the moment our souls were brought into being and throughout the entirety of our existence. We have always been a part of a greater consciousness and we can see this in the imagery of the cosmic egg.
Episode 3
31 mins
William Henry examines the historical remnants of the Middle East, texts and artworks, which indicate that the ancient Annunaki may not really have come to harvest all the gold from our planet. Rather they may have left behind the secrets of soul ascension, a different kind of golden harvest.
Episode 4
27 mins
The ancients knew a great deal about the nature of the soul and depicted the process of ascension through visual metaphors relevant to their particular cultures. We find striking parallels to these ancient concepts of transcendence within the very frontiers of modern science.
Episode 5
28 mins
William Henry explores soul lore from the Egyptian and Hindu traditions which unravel the five unseen layers of the human soul. But it is the Gnostic Gospel of Philip which reveals the secrets of transfiguration into the rainbow body of light.
Episode 6
26 mins
As William Henry guides us through the Gnostic Gospel of Philip, we see that the anointing oil of ascension has also held a prominent place in ancient Egypt with the ascension rites of Akhenaten. This further leads us to examine to the sun as a star gate opening into a wormhole.
Episode 7
28 mins
While science seeks a way for us to stretch our space-faring legs through technology, the ancients have already found another way. Ancient ascension texts guide us to achieving a body of light which gives us the means to traverse an interconnected network of star gates.
Episode 8
39 mins
Many spiritual traditions tell us that the human soul can live many lifetimes in different bodies. Each time it returns to Earth, the soul weaves strands of DNA to form new typical body. But these ordinary human bodies can be amplified and enhanced with psycho-spiritual powers from the soul.
Episode 9
33 mins
Long ago, according to Greek myth, Prometheus stole the divine flame from the gods and presented it to humanity, igniting the journey of the soul’s ascension. Different cultures present similar tales depicting the origin of humanity’s consciousness and spiritual evolution.
Episode 10
38 mins
In some Native American beliefs, we will find something called the Path of Souls. It is a tale which serves as geography for the soul’s journey through the afterlife. This depiction is also found in Egypt and within illuminations of St. Francis of Assisi.
Episode 11
33 mins
Depictions of the soul and its transcendence into light have long been artfully displayed, serving as active metaphors to induce the ascension process for those willing to contemplate such works. This is especially true now, as we have access to more ascension teachings than any other civilization in history.
Episode 12
33 mins
We have heard that we are all star-stuff and when it comes to the soul, this may be more true than we realize. The ancients viewed the soul as a seed, cast from the heavens and planted within an earthly body to grow and transform into a light body.
Episode 13
37 mins
Each one of us is on a journey of self-transformation which could culminate in the ascension of the soul. In many ways, this path of transformation mirrors the Hero’s Journey, as described by Joseph Campbell. William Henry delineates the twelve phases of the Hero’s Journey which he uses to explain the Hymn of the Pearl.