Daily Practices with David
1 Season . 3 Episodes

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Morning Yoga for Inspiration (Preview)

Ranging from 25 to 60 minutes, Daily Practices with David are designed for you to practice again and again. Improve your days and your life by bringing in more energy, more inspiration, more strength, and getting a better night’s sleep with these vinyasa yoga practices lead by instructor David Magone. Pick the practice you need most today and get started!

Teacher: David Magone
Episode 1
26 mins
This short sequence is a daily source for morning inspiration, giving you time and space to unwind your spine and liberate your joints through gentle cycles of seated stretches and standing poses.
Episode 2
31 mins
Jumpstart your day with this intermediate vinyasa class lead by David Magone.
Episode 3
1 hr
A potent combination of standing poses, stretches for your hips and spine, along with Buddhist mental training exercises to develop true resilience. It’s time to learn to bend, rather than break!