Season 2 . 9 Episodes

Since the dawn of time, the advancement of human civilization has been guided by an invisible hand. These unseen forces are interwoven throughout the fabric of every major institution, so that nearly every aspect of our world is carefully calculated to their benefit. But their time is coming to a close.

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S2:Ep1, Fear as a Business Model (Preview)
Disclosure (Trailer)
Episode 1
21 mins
The few individuals and organizations who have positioned themselves to be in control of worldly affairs rely upon fear to preserve their dominion over a population that remains clueless about their true potential. David Wilcock reveals how fear is used as a business model.
Episode 2
24 mins
The United Nations and the pharmaceutical industry seemed to be at the forefront of conquering two of humanity’s greatest banes, war and disease. But all is not as it seems. Edward G. Griffin explains that the U.N. and the pharmaceutical industry actually perpetuate the problems they promised to prevent.
Episode 3
31 mins
In 1540, Ignatius of Loyola formed a new religious institution that became known as the Society of Jesus, or the Jesuits. Through the centuries, their influence spread throughout the world. Dean Garner reveals the fruit of his research that ties the Jesuits to a long line of power which may be thousands of years old.
Episode 4
27 mins
Since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, we are beholden to a system which puts control of a limitless economy into the hands of a few powerful individuals. Edward G. Griffin discloses the intricate machinations that led to the establishment of the Federal Reserve and how central banks work together to hold on to their power.
Episode 5
38 mins
On the surface, the Jesuits actions across the world seemed to stem from charity. But a deeper investigation reveals that they may have had ulterior motivations. Dean Garner reveals the formulaic four-step process he claims the Jesuits use when they seek to claim control over countries and cultures.
Episode 6
27 mins
Will we ever realize that the power games played out between economic and political rivals only benefit the secret cartels that run them? G. Edward Griffin strips away the masks of collectivism that only serve to detract our attention away from the real game that the power elite are playing.
Episode 7
34 mins
Dean Garner unfolds the deepest secrets behind the establishment of the Federal Reserve and exposes the vulnerability of its power holders. This grand scheme was a tapestry woven with many common threads; threads spun from a single source that is now at its most vulnerable.
Episode 8
22 mins
G. Edward Griffith details how the illusions of authority can be broken by enacting many different strategies which would enable us to reclaim our own authority over life and liberty. We have been led to believe that we must trust in the higher authorities for our livelihood. But this could not be further from the truth.
Episode 9
26 mins
David Wilcock weaves together the essential fragments that led to the rise of the cabal and how we can excel beyond their control. Awareness of the big picture includes understanding the power dynamics here on Earth, the extraterrestrial sources which influence them and the higher spiritual dimensions that unite us all.