The FIRM Total Body Time Crunch

Rebekah Sturkie
1 Season, 2 Episodes

Total Body Time Crunch is 45 minutes of The FIRM’s secret weapon against unwanted flab: a signature combination of aerobics and weights that is 3 times more effective at burning fat than aerobics alone. This workout alternates high energy, calorie hungry cardio moves with unique, targeted body shaping exercises. Created for newcomers to fitness as well as experienced thrill seekers, this cardio and strength workout will deliver results.

Recommended Equipment: Dumbbells

Recommended Equipment: Dumbbells

The FIRM Master Instructor Rebekah Sturkie guides you through each move with the care and expertise of a personal trainer. She teaches you individual upper body, lower body or core exercises and then puts them together in unique, heart-pumping intensity bursts that increase your fun and motivation as well as your results! Plus, for the busy bee in you, a 25-minute “Express” version of the workout is an added bonus.

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