Matias De Stefano
2 Seasons, 24 Episodes


At a very young age, Matias De Stefano remembered his connection to the Akashic Records. The information he recalled gave him a unique, and powerful understanding of the creation of the universe and the many layers of reality we all exist within. He brings forward these powerful revelations in this groundbreaking series.

In each episode we progress through the conscious evolution needed to transcend the nine dimensions that make up our reality. Together, we piece together the existence of humanity and our connection with the universe. Through this journey, you will not only deepen your understanding of the structure of our shared reality, but you will begin to conceptualize the importance of your presence as an integral part of this eternal existence.

At the age of 21, Matias De Stefano began to transmit his particular vision of reality, that he gained from his connection to the Akashic Records. His philosophical worldview is that we are the creators of our own reality. This gives us the tools to be able to transcend it. He is currently developing new materials to help us understand the world and our role in it.

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