Season 3 . 11 Episodes

Matias De Stefano guides us through the conscious evolution needed to transcend the nine dimensions that make up our reality. This journey will deepen your understanding of the structure of our shared reality and the importance of your presence.

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S3:Ep1, Atlantis Portal Technology (Preview)
Initiation (Trailer)
Episode 1
28 mins
In season three of Initiation, Matias De Stefano explains how Atlantis used natural portals to connect with the greater wisdom of the universe. Leaning how they used ancient portal technology we access our potential for advanced evolution.
Episode 2
29 mins
Matias De Stefano takes us on a journey to discover chakras along the Nile River and the ancient Atlantean temples that were built to emulate the structure of the universe to create a path of initiation.
Episode 3
27 mins
Matias De Stefano introduces us to the sacred vibratory language of Atlantis, which they used to build realities through frequency and sound. Discover the power of these sacred tools, to consciously build our reality through sound and vibration.
Episode 4
26 mins
Matias De Stefano explains how a conflict arose between E.T. factions which wanted to control humanity or to help guide them into higher states of being. Concepts of the divine incarnated as the twelve families of Atlantis and twelve deities of Egypt.
Episode 5
31 mins
Matias De Stefano guides us through the layers of our toroidal onion-shaped universe to discover the beings who reside in the higher dimensions including cherubim, seraphim, and archangels.
Episode 6
29 mins
Sent to Atlantis to help organize their civilization, Djehuty was a highly important architect of the Atlantean era. Matias De Stefano shows us the temples were aligned with chakra points for an initiate to open the portals of wisdom within themselves.
Episode 7
28 mins
To help find ways back to the core of creation, the universe created many different paths for living beings to follow that lead to the same source of truths. These teachings are realized in the 3rd dimension as spiritual practices and religions.
Episode 8
28 mins
Just like human beings, the Earth too has a flow of kundalini energy. To awaken this earthly kundalini, they activated a flow of energy from the North to the South pole, then horizontally along the planet.
Episode 9
28 mins
During the Age of Virgo, we find the crumbling of the Atlantean Empire. This was a time when the sacred temples stopped sharing in a rotating power structure and people stopped being educated in the vibrational language of the universe.
Episode 10
28 mins
During the Age of Scorpio, Atlantis was formed as the civilization to unify consciousness with and across the planet. But it failed as this growing empire began using their prevailing cosmic knowledge to assert power and control over the world.
Episode 11
30 secs
Join Matias De Stefano as he explains our multi-dimensional reality and how we align to the zodiac and the patterns of evolution. Season 4 of Initiation is coming soon!