Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates
1 Season . 4 Episodes

Burn fat as you strengthen and tone with this groundbreaking workout featuring a resistance cord called the Accelerator.

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Superfast Body Blast (Preview)

Mari Winsor brings her unique and elegant style to this series to help you achieve that lean, sculpted Pilates body. Winsor's detailed instructions make this program easy to follow no matter your skill level. Modified positioning is included throughout for beginners. Unroll your mat, take off your shoes and treat your body to a total transformation.

Host: Mari Winsor
Episode 3
23 mins
A fun, express workout that chisels your body slim.
Episode 4
25 mins
Tone your tummy, lift your buns and sculpt your arms with this dynamic Body Sculpt Blaster Pilates Workout.
Episode 5
22 mins
Get the best of both worlds: calorie-burning cardio and strength- conditioning Pilates.
Episode 6
23 mins
Burn & Firm Pilates provides super-fast sculpting moves for your lower and upper body problem areas.