Mystery Teachings

Theresa Bullard
4 Seasons, 64 Episodes
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Theresa Bullard, Ph.D. deftly interweaves complex concepts from ancient mystery teachings and quantum physics to bring us real-world ways in which we can deepen our spiritual connections and manifest a fulfilled life.

Season 1: Revelations from quantum science reaffirm ancient mystery school teachings. Discover how you can change the way you live and think, to paradigm shift into a new reality.

Season 2: Explore the mysteries of human potential. By combining science with metaphysics, we gain a balance between spiritual wisdom and physical practicality to become fully awakened galactic beings.

Season 3: Get the alchemical tools you need to make real changes and transmute your reality into a higher state of being. Then you can begin healing every part of yourself and the world around you.

Season 4: Use the Tarot to discover your multidimensionality and make a big shift in consciousness. Each episode is accompanied by a guided meditation through the archetypes, symbols, and deeper meanings of each of the cards.