Mystery Teachings
Season 2 . 14 Episodes

Theresa Bullard, Ph.D. in physics, deftly interweaves complex concepts from ancient mystery teachings and quantum physics to bring us real-world ways in which we can deepen our spiritual connections and manifest a fulfilled life.

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S2:Ep1, The Path to Self Mastery (Preview)
Mystery Teachings (Trailer)
Episode 1
35 mins
Get the keys of self-mastery that have long been passed from teacher to student within ancient mystery schools. Theresa Bullard gives us the tools to set you upon a path of initiation to reach higher states of consciousness, overcome limited thinking, and achieve coherence with the quantum field.
Episode 2
41 mins
Theresa Bullard discusses science and metaphysics of our DNA blueprints and explains what we can do to realize our full genetic potential.
Episode 3
41 mins
Theresa Bullard explains that ascension is much more than transmuting the physical body into a body of light. It is about reaching a coherent state of being.
Episode 4
36 mins
Break out of the box and move beyond limited, linear ways of operating! Theresa Bullard paves the way to new modes of thought by introducing Vitruvian Numerology. You can experience the world through expansion, with the golden ratio.
Episode 5
34 mins
You can finetune the nervous system to perceive a greater spectrum of our reality. offers a simple practice, that entrains the nervous system to tune into the biofield, so that you can awake your innate gifts of body, spirit, and soul.
Episode 6
38 mins
Theresa Bullard explains how we can tap into the energy from Source, to create vibrational changes internally and in our surroundings.You can make a shift inside of you, where you become responsible for your thoughts, energy, and emotions. Theresa Bullard explains how we can tap into the energy from Source, to create vibrational changes internally and in our surroundings.
Episode 7
30 mins
What is the leap we are preparing to make when we activate our full potential, expanding perception, and preparing to ascend into a body of light?
Episode 8
35 mins
Theresa Bullard shows us how to build bridges between our ordinary mind and ascended states of consciousness. Through spiritual practice and lifestyle choices we can tune into higher frequencies and achieve a state of universal awareness.
Episode 9
28 mins
How can we be aware of our full capacity? By expanding consciousness to access transcendent states that tap into the potential of the unified field. Theresa Bullard explains how we can rewire our neurological system to boost neuroplasticity.
Episode 10
34 mins
We can use our senses to rewire our brain and prune away old patterns that are no longer serving us. Theresa Bullard explores the power of sound to help us reach transcendent states and build a strong neurological state.
Episode 11
32 mins
Theresa Bullard explains how we can go deeper into the brain to rewire and refocus our neurological system and access higher states of consciousness.
Episode 12
34 mins
Theresa Bullard explains how we can bridge our conscious awareness into the oldest parts of the brain, to master instinctive and intuitive responses, so that our reactive processes work with us, rather than against us.
Episode 13
35 mins
Theresa Bullard takes us deep into the workings of heart intelligence. As new science catches up to ancient wisdom teachings, we see the data that the seat of human consciousness is not to be found in the brain, but in the heart.
Episode 14
25 mins
Theresa Bullard explains the importance of creating a holistic framework for our being, as we build coherence between the heart, brain and gut.