Mystery Teachings
Season 1 . 13 Episodes

Theresa Bullard, Ph.D. in physics, deftly interweaves complex concepts from ancient mystery teachings and quantum physics to bring us real-world ways in which we can deepen our spiritual connections and manifest a fulfilled life.

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S1:Ep1, Consciousness in the Quantum Paradigm (Preview)
Mystery Teachings (Trailer)
Episode 1
33 mins
Theresa Bullard introduces us to the quantum paradigm by relaying the four principles that govern all quantum phenomena. These are reflected in the Hermetic principles from the Kybalion and being proven out by new scientific discoveries.
Episode 2
35 mins
Discover the secret to your quantum potential and the infinite possibilities found within the zero-point field. Theresa Bullard explains how we can make the quantum leap to higher energy states by focusing on the empty space inside the atoms.
Episode 3
35 mins
Theresa Bullard guides us through different eras of the Big Bang Model as they correlate with the geometry of the Tree of Life. This is a journey which takes us from oneness, to diversity, and back to Source.
Episode 4
34 mins
Theresa Bullard explains how consciousness works through the fundamental components of the universe to fulfill purpose. This is spiritual alchemy as taught by the ancient mystery schools and reaffirmed by the quantum sciences.
Episode 5
35 mins
Enter into a world of illusions, to explore where our original form is, where are we, who and what we are.
Episode 6
33 mins
Our universe is a complex reality that may be reducible to a simple and elegant mathematical formula. This mirrors the alchemists’ search for the Philosopher’s Stone.
Episode 7
33 mins
Theresa Bullard reveals that our power of observation determines how our reality manifests, making us players in a masterpiece of universal proportions.
Episode 8
36 mins
Compare current scientific evidence of geometric and fractal expressions to what ancient mystery schools already knew. Developing multidimensional awareness helps us to alchemically transmute blockages, unlock our potential, and reunite with The All.
Episode 9
38 mins
Because we are a collective that is connected to the whole galaxy, our actions have a ripple effect beyond this planet and across the universe. Theresa Bullard explores our connection, alignment with divine Will, and our potential as galactic beings.
Episode 10
35 mins
Reprogram the language of the soul and harness the power of transmutation by understanding recurring patterns of three found within ancient teachings of alchemy and Kabbalah. Theresa Bullard explores the power of three in relation to modern physics.
Episode 11
34 mins
Tap into a healthy homeostasis where the body can be healed by vibration and sound in harmony with Divine Will.
Episode 12
39 mins
Explore different degrees of consciousness, beyond the hologram, to increase alignment with Divine Will.
Episode 13
40 mins
Connect with your own divinity through the ancient wisdom within numbers, letters, and sounds to intentionally shift your vibration.