Nuevo with Jaime Maussán
Season 2 . 9 Episodes

In this exclusive series of Gaia, Jaime Maussán goes beyond mainstream media to analyze the most incredible phenomena and unresolved mysteries our planet. Join Jaime Maussán to witness the most surprising evidence that could clarify the greatest enigmas of our world, transform the history of humanity and confirm our place in the universe.

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S2:Ep9, Exclusive interview with Michio Kaku (Preview)
Nuevo with Jaime Maussán (Trailer)
Episode 1
39 mins
Antonio Urzi has recorded some of the most extraordinary UFO evidence of all time. Jaime Maussán travels to Italy to interview this incredible Italian UFO hunter.
Episode 2
37 mins
Jaime Maussán visits Antonio Urzi and his wife in Milan, with whom he shares for almost 20 years transformative experiences of visits by extraterrestrial beings, bright ships, and energy objects.
Episode 3
41 mins
The most important UFO hunter in the world, Antonio Urzi, travels with Jaime Maussán to his hometown of Livorno, the place where his contact story began. Since childhood, Urzi spent hours looking at the sky glimpsing luminous spheres and flotillas.
Episode 4
34 mins
Among all the meetings of Antonio Urzi and as implausible as it may be, the sighting of a flying horse stands out. Why does Antonio Urzi attract extraordinary paranormal phenomena?
Episode 5
23 mins
In this program, Antonio Urzi tells us what seems to be an encounter with the Virgin Mary. A sighting that was already announced in advance by the stigmatized Giorgio Bongiovanni.
Episode 6
35 mins
In this episode, Jaime Maussán sits with Giuseppe Garofalo, an expert in falsifying images, to discover the truthfulness of the UFO recordings provided by Antonio Urzi.
Episode 7
34 mins
Antonio Urzi shows us the most important sightings of his life and the analyses which show that they are true. Urzi, describes the energy that ships emanate and how they alter their shape and frequency.
Episode 8
33 mins
In this episode, Jaime Maussán interviews several witnesses of UFO’s who had extraordinary experiences with Antonio Urzi. They have gone from being skeptical, to participants in one of the most surprising contact cases in history.
Episode 9
48 mins
During the third Ufology World Congress, Jaime Maussán sat with Michio Kaku to talk about the extraterrestrial presence on our planet, the dimensions of the universe, and the future of humanity in the face of the problems we face.